I love Dexcom

This is what keeps me with this company:

Several days ago I put in a new sensor, and the next day got the alert that my transmitter battery was low. I ordered a new G4 transmitter, but because I’d paid $85 for the sensor out of pocket, I didn’t want to pull it after just a couple of days of data. So today when I picked up the new transmitter (after going a couple days with no data), I snapped it onto the old sensor and tried to restart it. After trying twice, I get nothing but ???.

Called Dexcom technical support just now, explained to the guy exactly what I wrote above, and asked if I could get a new sensor because of the fact that it had only lasted a couple days. He said sure, no problem, it should arrive next week.

What an awesome company. :heart:


In similar fashion, we called then a couple weeks ago after our (in warranty) receiver stopped working. They sent us a new receive AND a “1box” sensor.

We were very pleased!

i love dexcom too. although i am not currently using my cgm (almost 2 or 3 years now??) i had multiple problems with my sensors not working.

tech support was incredible. they walked me through everything and never rushed me and were always patient and understanding and respectful. they replaced things for me and would even ship them FedEx overnight if needed.

i would buy stock in this company; i think that they are going for the gold (unless they have it already :wink:).

I did about 11-12 years ago when it was$1.25/share. Needless to say it’s worth a lot more now!


you must be a very wealthy man who is just getting wealthier :wink:

If I had only bought more of it I would be, but for now it’s barely a retirement fund.


at least you bought some; had you not, there would be no retirement fund :wink: