Dexcom sensor applicator problem

I tried to put in my new Dexcom sensor today and the applicator wouldn’t come off. I had heard about this happening before, but of course I can’t find where it was now (I think it was Reddit). Apparently this is a known issue, because when I called they flat out said it was! So, I’m slightly panicking because I’m going out of the country for a week in 9 days. I think I have enough test strips at home, and I have a few boxes of sensors, but what if it happens with those when I’m on my trip?! Ugh. Life with diabetes.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue - if so, just one sensor in the box? All of them?!

Edit: here is one of the Reddit threads.

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Had exactly this issue a few weeks ago. Was my first defective sensor after ~9 months using G6. All other sensors worked 10+ days. Have claimed this issue and received a replacement after 1 week. So far this was a single event for me, next sensor worked fine.

Are you traveling someplace where you will be able to easily source strips and a meter if needed?

I think so - we will be in southern Spain, in a very populated, touristy area. I should do some Googling, I guess! It’s only a weeklong trip. For now I have a small stockpile at home but will have to check when I’m done at work today.

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Good to know it was just a one-off. People are collecting info on Reddit since it sounds like this has been happening for others too!

Hi Allison,
I completely understand your issue. I have gone through 6-7 sensors that would not dislodge. Two of them occurred while I was on the phone with tech support because another sensor was not reading correctly. This happens randomly so take up to 3 sensors with you or your other alternative is to bring a meter and test strips with you just in case. If you ever have problems with tech support, ask for a senior tech supervisor.

Dexcom has moved manufacturing and Customer Care to Mexico and tech support to the Philippines where they read of a screen and you cannot understand them. Great move Dexcom all to make money.

Thanks for your thoughts. 6-7 sensors is completely unacceptable. I was planning on taking 3 :slight_smile:

Its only been in the last couple of years that Dexcom actually made money. The previous decade + they burned through cash developing the technology and building the business.

At some point they had to turn it into a viable business.

Absolutely - my husband is kicking himself that he didn’t buy stock when he was looking at it a few years ago!

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@allison - I have not yet had this problem (knock wood), but have read about the “solution” of whacking the applicator with a wooden spoon to get the sensor to dislodge…! Sorry this was an issue for you. Did you wind up having to pull the whole sensor? I would be freaking out. Ugh. Jessica

I was at my desk at work so I didn’t have a wooden spoon available :rofl: but I tried tapping it pretty hard with my fingers. I was on the phone with Dexcom and they told me to take it out so I did. First time it had happened… it wasn’t painful at all.


You’re a damn hero for doing a sensor change at WORK?!?! I need like an entire open room, full length mirror, and complete privacy to do one! :laughing:

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At one office I have a room to myself; the other office is in a bullpen. Either way, I just put everything in my stomach so it’s easy to do discreetly :slight_smile:

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Yeah same here. When I started Dexcom SEVEN I knew this was a game changer. Why i didn’t act on that, I have no clue.:disappointed_relieved: