Dexcom G6 Woes by

I have been totally unsuccessful with the G6.

First one, the transmitter failed after 4 days. Of course, it took the sensor with it. Dexcom Support was very understanding and overnighted a new transmitter and sensor.

The second sensor started being noisy and had dropped readings for two nights in a row. Today it happened to miss a serious low that I did too. Again, Dexcom Support was great. Another sensor is on its way.

I have worn a Dexcom every day for 14 years and this is the first time anything like this has happened.

I sure hope this one works. Thanks for letting me vent.


I hope you’re okay after that missed low. I hope they can get you fixed up with the G5 again quickly. I’m assuming you’re switching back? Will Dexcom be flexible with that?

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If there is any silver lining in this, it is that the bad experiences from people in this forum has helped us NOT to go to the G6 yet, which has saved us a lot of drama and stress for Liam. So, I’m sorry for the rough time that you’ve had and I hope it clears up for you, but thank you for letting me know (yet another person unhappy with the G6 and it’s many errors) because you’ve helped us decide that the G6 isn’t for Liam right now.


@T1Allison Thanks. No, I’m going to tough it out with the G6. When it works, it’s very accurate.


Sorry to hear you’ve had some difficulty with it! The transmitter failure sounds incredibly frustrating.

I’ve been really fortunate in that I’ve not had any major issues with the G6. My biggest complaints would be a couple of sensors falling off by day 7 (so I add extra tape before then now), and I’ve had a handful of cases of the “sensor error” for an hour or so. Mostly with restarted sensors though. I’m not sure what xDrip+ would do when the standard Dexcom app would be throwing a “sensor error”, do you know?


@docslotnick, could it be similar to the very first experiences you had with the G5, that you tuned later on, or is it really just the G6?

When we started the G5, we had 2 of our first 3 transmitters DOA (although our sensors were right on).

I totally agree. I wished I had stumbled on this site and others long ago. As the parent of a T1, I also wished I had waited it out with upgrading to G6. My son got his G5 last April and we upgraded to G6 in August. The only thing seemingly better to me is the insertion set, which was the exact reason we switched. I was told about the easier and far less painful insertion sets from his Endo. He dreaded having to change sensors with the G5. Almost everytme aside from the shear pain, he would also immediately start bleeding from the site to the point where it would literally pool on the floor. At 10, he’s a trooper.


@Mom2Nicholas Welcome! Glad you stumbled on us. We are here for one purpose, and you are right in our wheelhouse. How long has your son been diagnosed? My son was 12 when he was diagnosed and is now 16 and the starting JV catcher on his baseball team. It happens so fast…


Thank you for the shout out and the welcome. He had just turned 6. He is now almost 11. I have 5 boys of which he is the youngest and the only one in my immediate family to have T1.
Yes, it does happen so fast…at times in the blink of an eye.

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Wow 5 boys, you have more energy than I. 2 boys has tired me out plenty. My son is also the only one in our immediate family to have T1. Lucky genetic roll of the dice I guess.



G6 insertion is much better.

If we get a bleeder (G5 or G6) enough to soak the patch, we just pull it. The numbers are not going to be accurate for us. Not worth waiting it out. Dexcom always replaces the sensor for us with a totally soaked patch. Luckily we don’t get too many. Maybe once ever 3 months more or less? Usually only a little blood the size of a pencil eraser or smaller in the center.

Also the site location seems to make a big difference for us. The front of the torso tends to bleed more as compared to the upper buttocks / lower back which bleeds very little if at all.

We have also done back of upper arms a few times for the sensor. Those worked well but are not a favorite choice of locations.


I have to laugh… Energy and me do not go hand in hand. I have Hashimotos myself, so many days I have to peel myself out of the bed. Until my Nicholas was diagnosed with T1, Hashimotos was the autoimmune disease that ran rampant in my family. Lol My oldest is 27!


Wow, thanks for the info. I never even gave thought to contacting Dexcom about it. Will they replace them directly even if you I got them from a medical supply company? We’ve had very little issues with the G6 though.
His Endo recommended the upper arm, however he wants no part of it yet. I always allow him to choose his site placement, unless there is a necessary reason to override it.
Thanks again.

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Dexcom is the Technical Support and provides the warranty. Without regard to it being a direct purchase or through a distributor.

My insurance has changed a few times over the years.

At some points I have been ordering direct from Dexcom and at other points going through a distributor. That never changed how I call Dexcom Technical Support nor anything associated with the warranty. Further, Dexcom Technical Support never even asks where you purchased it from. They ask other questions but nothing related to where it comes from.

I will call Dex Tech Support even with a question. (ie - doesn’t have to be a failure or bad issue)

Even though we will sometimes use non-approved sites and Dexcom Tech Support will say it is non-approved, they never give me any problems about it or refuse to cover a sensor that has a problem. So I also never BS with them and will just tell them exactly what happened and what issue I am having.

I try to encourage different sites but not very much success. At this point, it really is not my decision. lol. But I still try.


Yeah - that one also. And Celiac. With the T1D. Triple winner.


Good to know, thanks so much.


I’m sorry! Wow, 3! Yes, they say if you have one you are most likely going to wind up with at least one more. Which I believe is what I’m possibly looking at now as well. It’s looking like I may have the beginnings of MS. I do not have much faith in my Endo at this point though.


Our Docs said about 10% of their T1 Pediatric patients also have Thryoid or Celiac autoimmune so they routinely test all new diagnosis for the antibodies.

Sorry to hear of the possibility of MS. Although like other things, even though no cure (AFAIK) the treatment options are significantly more advanced then years and years ago.

Yes, my son’s Endo was on top of that. She’s awesome.
Advancements have indeed come a long way. I would take 10 autoimmune disorders on myself to erase my Son’s T1. Diabetes is a beast. I believe it to be the worst of the worst. It affects every single aspect of your body.


You won’t get much argument from many of us, but I will point out that we do have our resident amazing longevity Amazing Guy @Richard157, you may appreciate this link about his first 70 years with T1D

It isn’t all doom and gloom!