Revised view on Dexcom G6 - yeah its a piece of junk and i don't trust it

I can’t believe i once thought so highly of the dexcom G6. I used the G5 for years and maybe ran into 3-4 issues in all that time. Now after using the Dexcom G6 for some time, i have run into multi times where whole boxes were bad. The software accuses you of restarting sensors when its not the case. Or if it does work it starts doing the 3 hour waits at around day 7, in which case your without readings for random intervals between day 7-10. It’s software is a step down from the old G5 software, you turn it to the side and the bs lines are missing, and a big portion of the screen is used for events which are worthless, its likely so they can track data points on you and resale it. The only minor upgrade was predictions but lets face it XDrip+ had this 3 or 4 years ago.
I highly encourage people when they have issues with the sensors being bad and not last 10 days for flaking out to call the company and get it replaced, also give them a earful, the gov’t i assume reviews the complaints. If i did it all over again i would have stayed on the G5 until they stopped selling it. Right now im starting to think Dexcom is the new Theranos.


It’s fairly early days for me and the G6; it didn’t start well, with three successive sensor failures but since then I’ve gone through a few boxes of sensors and it’s been perfect. More accurate than my BG meters (if there has been any notable difference between fingerprick and CGM, the G6 is always correct), doesn’t suffer from pressure lows, doesn’t die on very rocky downhills on the MTB and even if the filament gets bent through exercise it continues to work. The big question however is will this continue :joy:

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Well, that was the kiss of death :joy: after a good run, the first sensor after my post was a complete failure and the second isn’t looking promising. It is a new box :confused:


I’m having similar unstable G6 sensors. I’m on my fifth sensor and it has been showing Sensor Error on and off since I inserted it 4 days ago. I’ve had to turn BT on and off, and after awhile it will reconnect. This morning it said I was LOW, but I was 92! Only 1 out of 5 sensors thus far have made it to 10 days:grimacing:

I’ve only used the G6 and have had to return many sensors. It’s too bad, definitely makes me not trust them. On trips I always bring two extras because of their unreliability. I hear there are more than a few other companies getting into the CGM game, so we will have better options soon I hope.

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We have used them the better part of 7 months and have had a few bad sensors, but mostly just sweet readings and no hassles. I will say we did have to get the Tslim pump replaced when it flaked out on connecting to the sensors, but since we received the replacement pump everything has been great.


I have been on the G6 since late February (I have no experience with the G5 and G4). I have never had a sensor that lasted less than the official 10 days, everything has been working perfectly…

I received a copy of the G6 manual and it told me something that no other instruction video or instruction sheet has told me…

Since doing so, my sensors have lasted a minimum of 14 days. I’m now on day 21 of my latest sensor (using exclusively XDrip with its auto-reset feature) and my blood sugar readings agree 100% with those of forearm sticks on my $10 Reli-On meter from WalMart… That’s accurate enough for me…

Perhaps you should try the “horizontal insertion” if you’ve not been doing it that way in the past.

You should also go to Dexcom’s website and order a free copy of the 350 page “User Guide” which will be shipped to you FedEx at no charge…


Interesting. I always insert horizontally on my abdomen. I am new to G6, only on 5th sensor, so I’m really hoping it will improve.

I insert vertically on the back of my arm, and the G6 has worked really well for me. I had a couple bleeders in the first 3 months, but it’s been over 3 months since I’ve had one now.

My sensors are accurate with only a few adjustments - usually in the first day. I’ve had 1 that was a little finicky, so I did not restart it. I generally am able to restart most sensors once. On occasion I’ve restarted twice.

Overall, I consider the G6 to be a significant improvement over the G5. The flatter profile is a huge plus. The inserter is bulky, and I’m a little leery of having another bleeder even though it’s been a few months. Those are the only cons I’ve experienced.

It seems like the G6 is more compatible with some bodies than others for whatever reason.


I’m using the G5. When I started with the G4, my sensors weren’t lasting long and I experienced a lot of ???. I started putting Tegaderm over the whole setup, even though the instructions cautioned against covering it. That problem went away and the sensors lasted and I didn’t get the dreaded ???.

Then, there was a conversation online about how to avoid ??? (G4 days) and someone mentioned placing it vertically, rather than horizontally, which is how I had been placing it.

I did that, placed it vertically, without the Tegaderm over the whole setup, but under it, and it worked like a charm. To this day I rotate sides of my belly, placing the sensor vertically, on top of a piece of Tegaderm. I typically get 21+ days and often see 28+ days.


This is fascinating! We go with both the vertical orientation (backs of arms) and horizontal (belly) and have had moderate success with the G6 so far. Tonight there was one that just was inserted and then died (belly, horizontal, haven’t gotten the whole story yet). But the G6 has been reliable so far, mostly. Some die, some don’t last often due to glue issues, which we remedy with a sticker. But overall it’s not feeling like a government conspiracy to me yet. :laughing: And I love a good gripe session more than the average person. :rofl:

I’m sorry it’s not working for everyone though. And it is supremely frustrating when it doesn’t work. So hopefully the kinks get ironed out. I do agree, if one fails any time before 10 days are up, call and get it replaced.


Fifth one failed today on day six. I asked Dexcom for the overpatch to see if that might help. The sensor seems to be secure but it still dies. This is 4 out of 5 sensors failing. I’m still optimistic though as they seem to be very accurate when they are not failing.

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Here’s hoping the failures die down! Remain optimistic, it will help bring positive energy your way!!


My next sensor is spot on :smiley: vertical on the arms is definitely better than horizontal on the stomach for me!


I have not had to pay for / order a G6 sensor for months! (I.e., they fail on me so frequently that Dexcom directly has been my supplier, sending me replacements rather than me having to go through insurance!) The last time I called, my friendly tech support agent said that while Dexcom can only recommend placement on the abdomen, if my dr were to recommend trying the sensor elsewhere on my body, they would still have to warranty the sensor.

So, the next go-around I tried my upper arm for the first time. It actually felt odd publicly acknowledging (sort of) my diabetes (or some sort of other-ness). Not sure how I feel about it still. Anyway, the sensor lasted 5 days until I had to take it off for an unexpected MRI. But it seemed to work well there and maybe I’ll try it again, but maybe I’ll try somewhere else? But stomach is definitely not working for me - the sensor errors and LOW alarms (when I am not) were crazy-making. Jessica


I’ve been on three different sensors in less than a week. FIrst sensor was giving me wildly inaccurate readings even after three calibrations. Second one failed during the warmup phase (saying I had already used that sensor). third one again was giving me inaccurate readings (saying i was 40 when my glucometer had me at 104) as well as 4 different sensor errors where I wouldn’t get any readings for an hour or more.

My new sensor is okay… Right now its saying im at 75 steady and my glucometer is telling me 104. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been impressed with the product. They have replaced all of my sensors, but I haven’t had a single one go smoothly without at least one calibration.


Wow, that is not encouraging! I’ve only worn them on my abdomen. I guess I should try my upper arm.

This last time on tech support I asked for an overpatch, even though the sensor appears to be securely attached when it fails. Maybe it will help.

I can’t see why the percentage of failure appears to be so high, at least in my limited experience thus far. Maybe it is just a bad batch of sensors.


It’s kind of nuts! A few factors that may play into this: I have mostly used my stomach for injections over my 27 years with D (scar tissue?). While I am by no means skinny, I don’t have a ton of fat on my abdomen. My BMI is <20. Tech support thought that might be an issue. Finally, I am not a flatliner. My blood sugar moves around. My most recent a1c was 6.4 (yay!) but has typically been in the low 7s.

I do use the Dexcom overpatches and think they’re great. They’re the best adhesive that I’ve used. The sensor patch alone falls off of me within a day or two without the overpatch. I have to tear the overpatch off like a band aid when I change the sensor! Good luck to you! Jessica


Although the sensor worked well, it died after four days :laughing: I’m onto some separate batch numbers now, maybe that will assist. Such a shame as it is a brilliant product when it works.


Same here. Strange, I switched my OmniPod from arm back to abdomen and absorption seems to work so much better. I just can’t wear the pod on my arm, my preferred area. But maybe I can wear the Dexcom there! I was previously using g5 which made insertion difficult anywhere!