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@ClaudnDaye Based on my experience, this seems like the right decision to hold off on G6 for a child.


Hey Doc where are you getting the G7? The G7 looks amazing btw, can’t wait until that one is out.

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@Chris Where do I sign up?!


Counterpoint here- I switched to the G6 almost as soon as it was available last June and have had almost no problems. My only stumbling block was trying to run the Dexcom software along side Xdrip+ at first. Don’t try that. It does not work.

I’m just now getting warnings that my transmitter battery will die soon, have had no sensor die before 10 days (the adhesive is another story), and have had a few special ones approach 30. Dexcom quality control could be suffering because of the high demand - my second sensor order was delayed and backordered for a while because they couldn’t keep up production which makes me think this could be an issue, but so far those sensors have been if anything even better than my first shipment.

I wonder how the number of people with problems compares to the number without. I get that it’s aggravating as hell when it happens to you and posting & complaining may help resolve your problems or at least make you feel better about them, but is the availability of all of the complaints and hidden satisfaction of everyone else warping our perception of how well this system works for most people in practice?


The pattern of issues that are being widely reported are the G6’s being utilized on children. I’m not sure what configuration these parents are using their G6’s and through which platforms and applications, but I know there are widespread errors pertaining to young patients (and quite a few older people who experience issues as well), but mainly young patients.

Not really any of this in my case. To me, it’s simple…if there are multiple reports of problems with a device, I’m just not going to take a chance with it. Especially multiple people reporting problems specifically related to my main concern, my 5-year-old son. If someone jumps out of the water and says they just got bitten by a shark, I’m not one who has to jump in “just to make sure what they’re saying is accurate.”

It’s forums like these where we learn from one another and, based on the “collective feedback” of multiple respondents, decide for ourselves how we will proceed in our individual cases.


Most likely this is true. Also, probably true that this is human nature that is made worse by the interwebs. I personally have posted numerous times, we love our G6 and have had no problems through approx. 15 sensors and have no complaints. With that said, there have been an unusual number of reports of issues in the young ones, and I am hoping Dexcom works that out in time. Glad the system is working well for you. Now that we understand the G6, bring on the G7!


Hi Doc,

Sorry that you had so many difficulties with the Dexcom G6.

The Dexcom G6 has been my first and only CGM which has been a lifesaver for me. Initially, the G6 was a challenge for many reasons. There were malfunctions with the applicator which would not release the sensor that Dexcom quickly fixed. I have had occasional dropped readings or loss of arrow direction but that quickly resolves within a few readings or at most an hour. You should check that the sensor is in place and has not been dislodged which can occur while sleeping. Noise and missed readings can also occur if you are lying on the sensor. Dexcom states that missed readings, loss of arrow direction, and sensor error readings should resolve within 3 hours. During those times you should closely monitor your blood sugars until the sensor corrects. You should contact Dexcom and replace the sensor if it does not correct.

I have been able to override the software to extend the life of the sensor for about 23-28 days. I find that the readings or trend lines do not seem correct the longer the sensor is in place and change it at that time. I keep the sensor in place with the adhesive films that can be requested from Dexcom for free.

I have had the G6 since July and truly love it! There are no calibrations or finger sticks required although I still have my meter just in case. The launch of the G6 was a bit challenging but overall, Dexcom support has been very helpful. They still need to correct some issues with their software and displays on the receiver and apps but they are working on it. A pet peeve for me is that the design of the sensor and transmitter does not allow you to change the battery forcing you to spend hundreds of dollars when you can buy the lithium battery for maybe $10. The manufacturers seem to be gouging the patients and the healthcare system for profit.

Overall, I would stick with the G6.

Hopefully, this is helpful.


I have absolutely no idea how I opened up FUD and landed here, but I just wanted to tell you I absolutely agree, @ClaudnDaye. This is the same argument I hear in my group all of the time. People come down hard on those who are communicating their concerns with their devices, and it often gets spun as it’s “complaining”. I’m very resentful of such an association and am very appreciative of a place where people can discuss everything about their devices, both good and bad.


@docslotnick, did I understand from more recent posts on other threads that your experience of the G6 has improved?

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@G6newbie. Thanks! Great pointers.

@Michel Yes my G6 problems with their hardware was ironed out nicely by Dexcom. All is good now.


That is great news. You had me worried for a while! If the resourceful one was in trouble with the G6 I wouldn’t hasten to it :slight_smile:

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What did Dexcom have to iron out?


Hi @jag1. They sent me a new transmitter and sensor, and another new sensor. They were very nice about it.