My First 70 Years With T1D

In July, 2015, III was invited to write a blog about my first 70 years with T1D. The blog was edited by Michael Hoskins and presented on Diabetes Mine. Here is the result.


A truly incredible journey @Richard157 !


Unbelievable, and amazing story. What an adventure this has been for you…you’ve seen the entire history of diabetes, the technology involved, etc., all expand as you continued growing. With all that you’ve experienced, seen, and know now, do you think there will be a cure in the next 5, 10, 25 years?


I have seen so many reports that a cure is close at hand, and then the sources of these reports seem to fade away, and are not heard from again. Here today, and gone tomorrow. This is very discouraging, but I do believe there will be a cure, eventually. I think 25 years is more likely than 5 or 10 years.


@Richard157, what a wonderful testimony!

I look at your picture as a little boy, and it makes me a little teary-eyed. I wish I could give a big hug to that little boy.


Awesome story! Thanks so much for sharing!


@Richard157 Thank you so much for sharing this. It brought back memories for me, D and pre-D.

I remember a boy in grammar school back in 1958 who was diabetic. His name was Alan. He likewise was not allowed to participate in physical activities and could always be seen with his bag of sugar free candies. I always wondered that was wrong with him but none of the kids or adults at school would talk about it. And Alan pretty much kept to himself.

I think of Alan now and again and wonder whatever happened to him. His family moved from our neighborhood in the early 60’s and I haven’t heard about him since.

I hope that Alan has met with the same successes you have, and I would so much like to speak with him today.


Sad to think about really. Would be great to have a conversation with him!


Thanks for a great inspirational story and congratulations on the long life - you have given me some hope that I may still have a chance after being a badly controlled diabetic for 35yrs (a1c 6-7 for teenage years then over 8 in 20s and 7-8 for most of 30s and 40s) - now finally heading towards 5% or below and currently 6.2%
Whatever secret sauce protected you from complications despite the high blood sugars I hope I got some as well !