Always holding out hope for a cure in Liam’s life

I know there are lots of unanswered questions but i read them all with excitement and hope.


With all the research being done, identification of the cells that can lead to Type 1, vaccines, stem cell replacement etc. And the fact that a higher percentage of people seem to be getting it. There definitely seems like there could a cure out there sooner versus later. Especially for the youth of today!

I like the research of stem cells/beta cells being implanted in a protective sheath so you don’t have to take immune suppression drugs. I believe they have had some success in doing so. And using your own stem cells so you don’t reject them is also being researched. It looks like something should be in the works!


When I was diagnosed in 1972 a nurse said “you’re so lucky–the cure is just around the corner.” I have been hearing that now for 52 years. Still hoping to see it in my lifetime. So far, the Tandem pump + Dexcom CGM + Bluejay watch with xDrip+ combination is the best thing that has happened to me!


Yes, I’ve heard other old timers being told the same. It’s why I am trying to teach Liam how to manage successfully in as least invasive manner as possible to avoid burnout and depression/severe frustration.

Just doing his best and not counting on a cure. I’ve used you guys in my conversations with him as to how many old timers in FUD have had long fulfilling lives without much on way of medical complications that stemmed from T1D. I think it’s important to highlight the success stories (which i consider all of you old timers here in FUD), so that he can see that not only is it possible, but there are advantages in some ways!

Life is what we all make it and everyone has their struggles in different ways. Our job is to just try to navigate the struggle as best we can while still enjoying life and its many wonderful things.


Beautifully said! :blush: