The WORST Headline

This makes me so annoyed:


My wife sent me this link also. How many of these do we get to see before there is a real cure…I like the idea, but I’d like to see some facts, figures, research statistics, etc.,

I feel like this method may be the best avenue, though…somehow bypassing the immune system.

This research is definitely a step in the right direction. It’s just that there are like 27 other steps that need to be done before that headline would be justified. Grrr…


Agreed…I think that they’re headed down the right path, which is huge…now they just need to go to the END of that path (which includes final findings and research backed up by science, figures and statistics), THEN report this awesome headline…

I’d LOVE to see this headline one day and have it be true…and as soon as I read it, I get a call from my Endo saying, “Harold, let’s schedule an appointment to bring Liam in and administer the “the cure”!”

Until then, these are just frustrating disappointments.


That’s just as ridiculous as articles claiming a cure for all types of cancer has been found. So many medical headlines are inflated and the articles themselves often aren’t that scientifically sound either. Really makes me question the competence of science journalists.

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It is often not the fault of the article writer, though. In many/most places I know, the page editor decides the titles :frowning: So you can have a very good article with a lousy title.

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That article reminds me of this from XKCD:


My best laugh of the day :slight_smile:

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This should come as a disclaimer with virtually every article about a cure for some disease.