Practical Cure from Stem Cells Arabia

A new trial is underway with exciting preliminary results from a pilot study. 4 patients were treated with a combination of 2 stem cell procedures and went months without needing to inject insulin…all WITHOUT anti-rejection drugs. As exciting as this is, it is only preliminary and a very small population in the pilot study. Also this pilot study was not published nor peer reviewed.


This is very interesting. Josh Levy, who is mentioned in the write-up, is very legit – he tracks investigations towards a possible cure on his excellent website, that I recommend to everyone.

At the same time, as you wrote, this is not peer-reviewed, and is coming from a research backwater (Amman, Jordan, not even associated with a university). The site of origin is a private corporation with investors, so they have all to gain from positive exposure without the correlation of a peer review. Both JDRF and Josh Levy are pointing out that issue as well. Adeeb Al-Doubi, the principal investigator, does have some publications to his name – he used to be associated with U of Illinois College of Medicine (prestigious) and Philadelphia U (not as prestigious).

Interesting for sure, really glad you posted about it! I will reserve my judgment on the procedure until they publish in a serious journal.

Here is the listing:

The company website is here: (in Arabic, but google translate does a decent job)


First, Thank for mentioning my blog!

Second, I don’t consider this research to being coming out of a “backwater”. I think the orgin of this work is at the University of Illinois at Chicago. There was a researcher there (who’s name I can’t remember) who did early research into stem cells. Both Dr. Zhao (of the “Stem Cell Educator”) and Dr. Al-Doubi (“the Jordanian Method”) came out of this research program. They are each taking it in slightly different directions. Dr. Zhao is in New Jersey and Dr. Al-Doubi is in Jordan, but the roots of the research came out of UIC.

I do hope they publish more soon. With most research, I hope for better results. With this research, I hope for better publications. I think it is much easier to improve your publications than to improve your results! Since their clinical trial will end in early 2019, if they haven’t published good things by 2020, then that would be a very bad sign. But that is only 2-3 years away, and I am an optimist. :slight_smile:

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@joshualevy, so glad you joined us here at FUD! Welcome!

Glad you are giving us deeper background: this is looking a lot more promising.

I will keep my fingers crossed too :slight_smile:

I really look forward to your posts here!

@joshualevy, I am so glad to see you on this forum! Like many of us here, I assiduously read your blog: I consider it one of the most useful sites on the web for diabetes. Thanks so much for doing this labor of love.