NextCell Starts a Phase-I Study of Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Treatment

I’ve written a blog on a study using a specific type of umbilical cord stem cell to try to cure type-1 diabetes in honeymooners:

The good news, is that the study is already running, and should have some very early results in October.

Joshua Levy


@joshualevy, this is fascinating!

I found the doc slightly difficult to read on a cellphone, so I am adding a little more info below:

  • Purpose of the study is to evaluate if it is possible to prolong or increase self-production of (= endogenous) insulin by T1D patients.
  • To that purpose, study tests possible subjects with c-peptide test, to verify they still produce some insulin
  • The cells they inject, although hexogenous (from another donor), have a low likelihood to be rejected, so they don’t need to use immuno-suppressants (anti-reject meds).
  • The risk of rejection is the reason why they don’t use women in stage 1.

It is a fairly fast study! Full results should be available in less than 2 years.

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