Type: T2
When Dx’d: approx 2010
Tx: Dexcom 5 CGM, Victoza 1.8mg daily, Novolog Pen as needed. No other medications.
Carb sensitivity: Need to limit meals to under 15mg carb. Strong reaction to simple carbs must avoid.
Daily Carb Goal: 25-50g
Meal Carb Goal: 10g-15g

My reaction to carbs is often unpredictable. Have learned reaction is very linked to carbs still being digested. So try to add carbs in small amounts spread throughout the day. Once a meal, or splurge is out of my system glucose level stabilizes well.

Delayed spikes can take 4-6hrs to reach peak even when treated promptly.

Night rises were frustrating. To address I’m experimenting taking Victoza dose at night between 5-7pm. So far results show positive improvement in nighttime glucose level and AM levels better controlled. Decision to try this was after looking at my response to Victoza over the years.