For the lady runners

A couple of recommendations I heard about that I wanted to pass along to the lady runners, because they seemed like they might be great for the D stuff you have to carry when running…

First is the Gore R5 Women Light Shorts.

They have pockets on the legs, which might be good for gels. And they also have a zippered pocket on the waist, so you might not even need to wear a waist-belt for your pump and stuff. You could put your pump in the shorts. :+1:


Next is the Koala Clip. It is a sports bra pocket that clips to the back of your bra. It is pretty big. Plenty of room for a phone, gels, pump, or whatever you want to bring with you on your runs.


I can’t give a personal recommendation, but they were highly recommended by some women, and the reason I wanted to mention them is because the pockets seem like they would be really helpful.

Check them out, and let me know if you try them and what you think. The Koala Clip comes with a 90 day return, even after you have used it.


Both of those items look nice, the funny part is I have pretty immobile shoulders. If you put the phone pocket in the middle of my back like in that picture I would never be able to access it without taking the sports bra off, which is kind of a negative. My wife however, would be able to access it without removing the pocket. Crazy stuff.


Ooo new things!

I super appreciate lots of pockets on things because they do fill up quickly even if I’m not running. I prefer leggings for running to avoid chaffing of my thighs. Old navy actually has really amazing high waisted leggings with pockets that go on sale all the time. I seriously won’t wear any other leggings for runs now. However, I’m thinking of getting a pair of the gore shorts to have in the summer!

I clip my pump to the front of my sports bra so that isn’t so much of a consideration while running, but glucometer, hypo treats, syringes, etc for runs add up so new ideas for gear is always appreciated :smiley:


A little biz brag, if I’m allowed… I actually started a company this year to make women’s tennis shorts (I had complained for years about the lack of functional/fashionable/stylish shorts for women’s tennis – literally the only thing that has changed over 100 years in women’s tennis fashion is the hemline of the skirt!). Five years of market research and following the market; I decided that I would be the one to solve the problem! We launched in late July and they have been really well received! We have sold out most of the initial run and are back to looking to manufacture a second run!

The shorts that I designed are exactly what I wanted for competitive tennis play; but I also designed them with running and yoga AND DIABETES in mind. The ball pockets (very important for tennis!) are designed to hold cell phones, keys, glucose, syringes, insulin pumps, and anything else necessary to our diabetic lives. If you’re so inclined, please check them out at violetcourtwear.com and feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram! I would love any feedback you might offer. Thanks! Jessica

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@JessicaD, you are fine. We don’t mind our regular contributors making the world a better place and talking about their passions. It is only when people only want to market to us without offering any value that we get our hackles up.