Review: Scottevest men’s cargo pants

My goal is to be able to carry all my diabetes stuff and also everything else I need to carry in my pants pockets, so that I didn’t have to carry an extra bag or put stuff in a jacket.

I saw these Scottevest “stealth” cargo pants that have “9” pockets (actually 5 pockets if you count them normally) and I thought I’d give them a try.

The pants have two back pockets, but since I live in the city, I don’t put anything of value in them.

There are also two very deep front pockets.

In the left front pocket, I carry:

In the right pocket, I carry:

  • keys (giant car fob, house key (I re-keyed my locks so there’s only one key for all locks), and PO box key for my business)
  • tube of glucose tablets
  • relatively small True Metrix Go meter

On the right side, there is also a very generous change pocket into which I can fit:

  • Tandem T-slim pump
  • Apple AirPods

There is a little hole in the lining of the coin pocket meant for headphone cables (remember when you had to connect your headphones to your phone with a cable? That was barbaric.) I snake the pump tubing under the waistband and out directly into the pocket through that hole, which makes the pump relatively discrete.

Overall, it’s a huge improvement over putting all that junk in my jeans pockets, and they look a lot nicer than cargo pants. (One of my goals is to be able to make a last-minute decision to go to a casual business event, so jeans and cargo pants are off the table.)

One downside is the price ($99). Another is that they only come in khaki and black. And despite the very deep pockets, the glucose meter and glucose tablets still bulge out a lot more than I’d like.

I think I can get an even smaller wallet, but I’m not able to shrink my keys and I can’t think of a way to shrink the glucose tablets or meter.

One thought I had was to sew in a change pocket on the left side for the meter. Maybe I don’t even need special pants — I could maybe just sew change pockets on both sides…

Does anyone have any thoughts? How do you carry all your stuff with you?

I just ran across these flat glucose tab cases. I ordered a pair and will review them when they arrive.


Sewing pockets is always an option. But after wearing Army BDU’s for years which have a lot of pockets, you always will have stuff showing/bulging when you carry a lot.

I am going to make an off the wall kind of odd suggestion, but have you considered creating or modifying an ankle band. It is quite easy to carry some of the bulkier items, and they won’t show at all. Just don’t ask how I know such things.


My son also pointed out that you could buy a pump band, and store the stuff in one of these as long as you keep your shirts un-tucked it would look fine.

Last night after I wrote the post, I tried putting my meter in the coin pocket. It fit, but was so big that I couldn’t get my hand into the main pocket so that’s another knock against sewing more pockets.

I’ll think about the ankle and waist band ideas. Back in the old days of ginormous cell phones I used to wear my phone on a belt clip like a major dork so maybe I could do it again.

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