Do Apidra cartridges fit into Luxura/ Luxura HD pens?

@Eric (or anyone else)
I noticed the other day that MMP sells Apidra in cartridges as well as vials.
Do those cartridges fit in the Luxura or Luxura HD pens natively?
Or are you using Apidra vials to refill empty Humalog cartridges instead?

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I don’t know if they fit. I just fill the empty Humalog cartridges with other stuff.

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@DaveJ, sorry for being so late to the table :slight_smile: I don’t think they do because they are made by Sanofi, while Luxura/ Luxura HD is made by Eli Lilly. @Jen, do you know for sure?

You need to get Sanofi pens (ClickStar and JuniorStar) to use with Apidra cartridges.

I believe they also work in AutoPens, as I used Lantus cartridges in those years ago before Sanofi had their own pens. But I didn’t like these pens and wouldn’t recommend them unless you can’t get the Sanofi ones.