I'm not sure if this exist?

Hi I’m a brand new diabetic only two weeks now. I’m currently taking two different types of insulin Lispro from a vile and Lantus from a pen. I’m using him this way simply because that’s what my insurance would pay for. I would prefer using the pen. Is there a way I can buy an empty refillable pen to put my Lispro in? Is that even a thing?


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So your insurance won’t cover kwikpen for Lispro ?

There may be low cost savings such as this:

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Are you sure your insurance won’t pay for lispro pens? Or, alternatively, aspart (novolog) pens? They’re pretty standard on insurance formulae? I’d recommend digging into your insurance formulary and seeing what they’ll cover… I’d be surprised if there are no pen options for your rapid insulin. Lantus is made by sanofi, so it’s not unlikely that other sanofi products like apidra might be on their formulary for rapid insulin… although humalog (lispro) and aspart (novolog) are the most widely covered. There are also now generic alternatives that may be in formulary. Sometimes a phone call to your prescription benefit plan can help to clarify, although sometimes it can be frustrating to end up getting an incompetent person on the phone so I’d research your plan documents first too