A bit of manipulation to reduce my insurance co-pay

I wanted to get a Lilly Kwikpen Jr because the Kwikpen Jr is small like the regular Kwikpen, but it has the advantage of the half-unit dosing like the bigger non-disposable Lilly Luxura pen.

So best of both worlds - smaller and also has 1/2 units. No disadvantages.


My current insurance formulary wants me to use NovoLog, so any Lilly insulin is crazy expensive.

But I wanted the Lilly version of the pen not because of the insulin in it, but because it is refillable. I don’t believe the NovoLog disposable pens are refillable (not sure, could be wrong there).

I got it called in, and 5 pens was going to be $470.

Say what?!?!?

So I asked what it would be if I just got one pen.

And it was $25. Yep, do the math! 5 x $25 = $125. Much less than $470! Crazy right?

Since it is refillable, I only needed 1 pen. And I can get another single pen every few days because of the amount prescribed.

I have no idea how they come up with these stupid formulas for co-pay, but I feel like it was a huge victory. $25 for 1 pen instead of $470 for 5 pens.

The reason I am posting this to share is because it might save somebody some money at some point. Just ask about splitting up things and see if it makes a difference.


this is as insane as our system is. good for you!!! what a victory (for all of us) :sunny: and i will keep this in mind, b/c i desperately need a 1/2 unit pen. i see my endo july 13th and will certainly request a perscription.

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