NovoCares insulin savings program - only $33 a vial

Referenced from this thread about Lilly

Here is some information about the program Novo Nordisk has.
(Novo Nordisk is the maker of Tresiba, Levemir, NovoLog, Fiasp, and many other fine insulin products!)

Novo Nordisk has been in the cross-fire about insulin prices, but actually, a lot of the problem is the way the insurance companies and pharmacies and third-party administrators of the prescription drug plans (PBM’s) mark the prices up.

So to counter this, Novo Nordisk basically said they would sell it at-cost.

This is very easy to do. I tested it out by getting an insulin that was not on my insurance plan. It worked just as they described it! No gimmicks, no salary check, no insurance check.

One phone call got me a code I could use. When I gave the code to the pharmacist, the price dropped from several thousand dollars for 3 vials to only $99 for 3 vials.

You can either go here:
Diabetes Savings Card Program | NovoCare® (EDIT - I think this is the one to use if you have insurance, and are trying to reduce your co-pay)

or here
my99insulin (EDIT - I think this is the one to use if you have NO insurance)

or call this number:

( :arrow_up: This is the number to use if you have no insurance, or don’t want to use your insurance. This number should work for anyone, and make it $33 per vial)

When using this program, $99 for 3 vials is the max cost even if you have no insurance!

A couple important things to know!

It is $99 for up to 3 vials…

So that means…
1 vial is $99
2 vials is $99
3 vials is $99

Here is where it’s a bit strange. If you want four vials, it is twice that amount, $198 (2x$99).

So getting 1 or 2 or 4 or 5 vials is silly. Get them in multiples of 3 to make it the cheapest!

(You can also get pens. If you get pens, get 2 boxes of 5 pens to make it the cheapest.)

If you have a prescription for less than 1 vial per month, or less than 10 pens per month, you should talk to your endo and get a bigger prescription amount to make it the most economical.

Tagging @Chris who brought this up with Lilly in the original thread, and @ClaudnDaye who uses a Novo card (not sure if it is the same program).


We do use the Norvo Nordisk card but how we get benefit I’m not quite sure. So I asked Erin and here’s what she said…“If we use the Savings card, we have zero co-pay for our entire order. If we don’t use the card, we have a $100 or $200 co-pay.”

We are really fortunate in that IF we buy our diabetic supplies every 90 days (prescription must be for a 90-day supply of all diabetic supplies), and IF the Pharmacy bills the INSULIN FIRST, everything else in the order is free. So, with the Insulin being billed first, and using the savings card, for us this results in a zero out of pocket costs. If we didn’t use the card and followed this process, then we would pay a $100 - $200 out of pocket co-pay.

So not sure what the card is doing specifically, but I know with our situation, it saves us that co-pay each 90 days.

We get a LOT more insulin than indicated here, though for the saving card savings. We get 21 Novolog Flexpens and 15 Lantus Pens (swapped with Basaglar KwikPen, but same count) each 90 days.


I use a different Novo Nordisk discount card. It reduces the co pay on Fiasp refills to $25 per 30 day refill. The way my endo wrote the prescription, 30 day supply is 3 vials for me. The card says:
Pay as little as:
• $25 per 30-day supply up to 2 years (maximum savings up to $100 per 30-day supply)
• Get one FREE box of Novo Nordisk needles (maximum savings of $60).”

Back when I was using Tresiba pens, there was another copay discount card for those.


Wow, this is so timely. I tried to buy 3 vials of Novolog today but my pharmacy said it was $1000! I just want to try out the Novolog first before I go through the insurance prior authorization process which my doctor said will take a long time. I will try calling about the card!


@Eric, I just called the number you listed in your post to signup for the Novolog Savings Card, but they said the number is 877-304-6852 Option #3. I also went to their website at https://www.novocare.com/novolog/savings-card.html but for some reason it wasn’t fully operational - the ‘Next’ button would not activate.

I hope my pharmacy will accept the Savings Card tomorrow!

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This is the number i listed. The processes and phone numbers changed very recently. Our old card worked in December but it was invalid for our March prescription. We were told the vendor (or something…) changed.

I activated ours while my wife was in line and they took it right then. You get four numbers/ids at the end of the call and you will want to annotate all four pieces of info that you are given on the phone.

Card Information

If you call that number you can do everything on the phone and get your id and info immediately. It took me about 10 minutes.


Oh, sorry, I missed that!

Good news, I hope it goes smooth for me, too! I had to repeat the recording for the numbers several times before I got them all written down, and annotated! :wink: Oh, thanks for the Annotations!!


Thanks guys. I updated my original post above and changed the number I had previously listed.

It’s crazy, I had posted the number I called about a month ago. Not sure why it changed, but now I have put in the number you gave, in case someone comes across this thread months from now.

Thanks again for supplying the correct number!

I changed the number back to the correct number for the savings card, not the co-pay card.


I tried to use my Novolog Savings Card today but the pharmacist said it could not be used. It still requires the prior authorization with the insurance provider! My doctor does not want to spend time on a prior auth since she is working with a skeleton staff right now. The pharmacist suggested I contact my insurance to try to get them to approve it w/out prior auth. I will give that that a try…

That does not sound right. Did you talk to the people at Novo? The discount should be valid regardless of insurance.

Maybe would be worth calling the Novo number and talking to them. Mine worked without any insurance being entered.


That was my impression, too. I think what I got was a copay card and it does require insurance. The phone number you gave above, redirected me to the copay savings card. I will try calling Novo again.

I just called the number I had originally posted, before I changed it. The original number is correct for the $99 savings card.

Look at my original post above, and call that number. I have edited it again to put the original number back.

Call this number, it works. I just called it a few minutes ago, this is the right number for no insurance and $99 for 3 vials…


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Oh, no, really!? When I called, the man that answered said that the Novolog savings cards plan was a different number! I thought that is what you meant though in your original post that insurance was NOT required.

But I have good news anyway. My insurance company, Cigna, just called me to say they approved what they called “an increase quantity” in my prescription (actually it wasn’t an increase, it was for a different insulin, though I did just refill my Humalog a few weeks ago). This would be a one time only approval which is fine for now because I just want to test Novolog. I called my pharmacy and confirmed with them that they will fill it using the Novolog Savings Card, and I just pay the copay, $25 for 3 vials. Phew! I don’t know how that happened but I’m glad Cigna approved it, and I didn’t even have to call them!

Thank you so much, @Eric, for re-checking the number!


I think these are 2 different types of discounts. The first is if you have non-govt insurance and your insurance covers novolog.
2nd one is the $99 deal, and is basically cash pay, using the bin code provided when you sign up.

My Insurance switched to humalog this year, but I prefer novolog, so I will use the 2nd option.
I originally thought either link was for the $99 offer.


Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks!

I am not sure if I should leave both links above or just leave the $99 link. I was hoping this would be simple to post, but nothing is simple with buying insulin!


Sorry!! Thanks you everyone for clarifying this though. Yes, I think if I end up liking Novolog then I’ll have to do the 2nd option, too, UNLESS I can get a Prior Auth approved!

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The $33 per vial is actually pretty amazing, considering the cheapo slow R insulin is $25 at Walmart without insurance. And that is the cheap crappy stuff!

I know my information is correct as well, so this is probably, as recommended, two different programs. I outlined how I use it, but I have Insurance (BCBS) through my employer, but my savings card has zero to do with my insurance…it’s not ran through insurance at all.


Yep, it might be good to somehow point out in the original post, so if someone sees it months from now, they will know that it depends on if they have insurance or not, like which program they should use.

But I used it, and for a different Novo insulin which is not in my formulary (not NovoLog, which is covered for me).

So while I do have insurance, without the program it would have been thousands.

Anyway, I hope anyone who needs it will read through the whole thread so they know which one to call…


More info is better than less! Anyone searching these threads for savings can read all posts and try everything until something works. But definitely clarifying how/when each is used is good…even though I’m still not sure I understand the difference. lol.

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