NovoCares insulin savings program - only $33 a vial

It is confusing!

But yours is with insurance, and your copay is zero, right?

So without insurance, your payment could be $33 per vial, on the one I posted.

Gonna add some notes above…

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Yes, BUT I don’t believe the Pharmacy cares? They’ve never indicated it matters and they’ve not ran any checks with the insurance or asked us questions about insurance -vs- none…even though they would have this info in their system. Maybe it’s one of those things I’m just not seeing happening but, because I have insurance it just happens as you are stating and if I didn’t, it would happen the other way.

What is your co-pay?

It might matter to the Novo Nordisk company which plan you use!

Because with one, they give it to you for $33.

And with the other, they are probably still getting around $1,000 from your insurance company, and they are simply reducing the co-pay for you!

So that might make some sense, as far as which plan to use. Either way - for you it is cheap-to-nothing. But for them, it might make a lot of difference.

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My employer plan did this many years ago, and included dexcom seven as part of the “kit”. Unfortunately they realized it wasn’t the same as bg fingerstck testing, and removed from kit rule. Was nice while it lasted, even though they often forgot to bill it correctly and took many calls to correct.


for whatever reason, and i am on Medicare, sometimes my copay is $400 for 2 vials of NovoLog (but that might just be the deductable) sometimes is is $90, and sometimes it is 100% free of cost. i have absolutely NO IDEA why or how this happens. there does not seem to b any rhyme or reason for their decisions. And i dont know how to navigate my way around this. my pen cartridges are much more costly than the vials, though; also which i dont understand.

Any ideas on this?

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  1. First of all, get a script for 3 vials. If you use the discount I am describing, it would be cheaper per vial to get 3 vials instead of 2 vials.

  2. Call this phone number and get the discount codes. They will give you several numbers, write them all down.

  3. Next, call the pharmacy before you pick it up and ask them how much it will cost.

  4. Then, after you get the price from the pharmacy, if it is more than $33 per vial, give them those codes you got and say you want to do a cash pay, and it will end up costing $99 for 3 vials.

If this is confusing, call me and we can go through it.

BTW, are you able to do a remote phone appointment with your endo? If so, now is the time to get some scripts updated! They are probably happy to just talk on the phone and do whatever you want right now, without seeing you!


I am able to do a remote appt with my endo, but they want me to download my pump with Care Link and i do not have that. in fact, i have no way to download my pump or my sensor. (i believe that they need this to provide Medicare with some sort of proof that i am using both devices.) I am at a loss.


Create a thread with something like “Care Link Help request” in the thread title. I am sure some genius around here can help you out. I do not known anything about it.

If you do not find answers, I will dig into it and see if I can learn enough about it to help you. But chances are someone around here already knows, you just gotta get their attention.

Should probably read through this first…

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I used to upload my data via CareLink. It’s quite easy. If the instructions on that webpage aren’t clear enough, I might be able to help.


Just another update on my Novolog Card… I picked up my 3 vials today and it was $25, which is my copay. My insurance picked up the rest, possibly >$1000 - that is what the pharmacist said. I have the same plan as you @ClaudnDaye, so I think your insurance is doing the same. I did not have to show proof of insurance, but when I signed up for the Novolog card, I did select ‘have insurance’ otherwise, the phone recording said I did not meet the requirements, and hung up. Since my doctor sent the prescription, the pharmacist already had my insurance info.

@Eric, maybe the $99 insulin is not available for Novolog??


It definitely is.

Both of those :arrow_up: pics are from this site:

But if you got 3 vials for $25, then it makes sense the card did not work for you! Because if you only used the card, it would have been $99. And that would make no sense!


If you upload to carelink, they can see your total insulin usage, and may influence how much they prescribe. This is likely a MC requirement.

Why not just ask dr for new RX and tell them it is for a non-Medicare (cash) purchase. Then go to a different pharmacy where you don’t have insurance on file, with new script for 3 vials per 30 days. Give that pharmacy the code for the $99/3 vials deal.


Youre an angel. But i finally found (in the way back of a closet) the specific blue tube (?) Bayer Contour Next Link meter. I was able to set up the entire shabang with my CDE over the phone. she walked me through the entire procedure, and it blew my mind.

Now i can do a Video visit with my endo and not have to go anywhere near the hospital (or even leave my house). Yahoo.


Great News! @daisymae. Really glad it worked out for you. I guess they will just Carnac the bloodwork? “In this envelope…”


I thought Eric could come and do my bloodwork. I’ve heard he’s very skillful with an IV. :rofl:

(just kidding :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I have a Social Distance Appointment with Quest Diagnostics this coming Wednesday at 1:30pm. they draw, electronics sends it to my endo. Easy Peesy (I pray). I will b easily recognizable; i’ll be the diminuative gal in the blue hazmat suit with goggles, gloves and a mask.)


I used the Novocares card today at the Walmart pharmacy. Result: 1 box Levemir pens plus 1 box Novolog pens for $99. That is amazing.


Good to hear, that is a great result.

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The same offer is available, but need to request/print out new card.

My formulary still does not cover novolog.

Link for 2022 card.