Good savings on Novo Nordisk insulins

Here is a way to save some money on your prescriptions for Novo Nordisk insulins.
Novo Nordisk - makers of fun insulin products like Tresiba®, Levemir®, and NovoLog®!!

I looked at different ways of getting a discount card. Some seemed crazy - you had to send a copy of your W-2 Wage and Tax Statement to see if you qualified! Others just looked scam-ish.

But I found one that worked. It saved me over half of my co-pay for my prescriptions for Levemir and NovoLog.

You have to give them your email address (I just gave them one of my 1,000 addresses :grinning:), and your address, DOB, and phone number. I don’t think you have to give them valid info. Not all of my info was valid. :wink:

I did give them a valid phone number, because it said you might get a call from a CDE. I’d love to get a call from a CDE so I can teach them some stuff! :rofl:

But anyway…you can go to ether of these sites and once you print out your card, it should work for any Novo Nordisk products. My single card worked for both Levemir and NovoLog on the same visit to the pharmacy.

What I mean is that the Levemir site gives you the same card that works for whatever Novo Nordisk insulin you take, and the same for the NovoLog site.

Anyway, over 50% off my co-pay for only a couple minutes of effort and one sheet printed out. Definitely worth it.


This is great, often overlooked information. Thanks @Eric for bringing it to light.

Many manufactures have these types of discount cards. I not only use the one for novolog, but I have one for Toujeo and also one that pays the entire copay for Jardiance!

All together they save me about $350/month on these ridiculously priced drugs :joy:

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So “maximum savings $100 per fill” means what for a cash customer? If I walked into a local pharmacy with this card and a wheelbarrow full of coins how much would it cost me to buy a vial or box of pens of novolog, tresiba, or levemir? Assuming no prescription coverage… it says “if added to your care plan” will this even benefit cash customers at all?

Can’t say for sure, but easy enough to print one and find out. If there is not enough savings and you don’t want to pay, just take your wheelbarrow full of coins and leave the building.

But my guess would be - if you have no prescription coverage, you’d be better off going to the Canadian market.

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If not for the Novolog card I would go to Canada for my insulin. My insurance copay is about $30 more than Mark’s Marine full price.


i pay almost 0; i get as many samples from my endo as possible…and although he has some major shortcomings, he is very generous when it comes to needed supplies (meters, for example ).