Novo Nordisk to offer FREE Insulin

Novo Nordisk announced on 16 April that they will cover insulin costs for 90 days for uninsured diabetics facing hardships due to Covid-19. Big shout out to Novo Nordisk for stepping up!


Great news there!


Hi Elver, I know many people who cannot get Novolog or Novo products even with commercial insurance or Medicare Coverage because it is not on the formulary or the cost is prohibitive. I attempted to access your link about Novo covering expenses for people but it brought me to a general page that does not indicate anything about free insulin. Would you be able to provide the exact source so I can send it to people? Thank you.

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Hi @G6newbie ,. Try this link - it’s still active.


I use the My99 insulin option for Novolog. Signed up last year and again this year.

I tested the link and see the 99$ offer is still there.

Can get 1, or 2 or 3 vials of insulin per 30 days for $99 total. Or get pens.