Amazon does something right


This is similar good news.

I have been using offer for novolog for 3 vials for $99 for several years, based on post by @Eric.
I prefer novolog, but not on my insurance formulary.


Thanks for posting this! I wonder if we oldsters on Medicare will be eligible for Amazon discounted prices?

I like the expansive list of pharmacy discounts that Amazon is planning…”Amazon Pharmacy will also automatically apply available discounts to diabetes-related medical devices from manufacturers Dexcom and Insulet, including continuous glucose monitors and pumps.”


It looks like coupons can not be used if you are on government programs like Medicare. And without using insurance on the CGM’s, they are a lot more expensive than Costco etc.


My insurance company (moda) is currently enforcing $30/prescription/month; so that’s $60 on MDI but $30 on a pump. The Wyden Medicare deal, as I understand it, is better; $30/insulins/month, so same for MDI as pump (the bit in the bill to extend this to everyone got forced out by those opposed to it).

I don’t recall if the final bill covered Medicaid but I think not. My insurance companies compromise is, I suspect, entirely voluntary, as in holding-your-breath voluntary. (Although, I admit, they are an insurance company who I would vote for.)