FIASP cartridges: do they fit Novopen Echo?

We just ordered some FIASP cartridges, but the pharmacist could not tell us which pen they fit. I am assuming that they fit any Novolog pen, since both are made by Novo, and since they are both short acting.

Does anyone have experience with that?

The Novo pens are designed to fit any of the Novo cartridges.

The backup pen I carry with me everywhere is an Echo with Fiasp. :slight_smile:


@Jen, does this also include the basal insulins, or only the fast acting ones?

All cartridges from the same company are usually the same (e.g., Novo Nordisk has their NovoTwist pen needles that fit their pens/cartridges). It’s pens and cartridges from different companies (e.g., trying to use an Echo pen with a Humalog cartridge) that won’t work.

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Jen is right. all novo nordisk insulins (fiasp, levemir, novorapid, novolog) fit in the Novopen Echo or the other one I have (Novopen 4 I think).

I use BD pen needles on my novolog pens.

I think the pen needles are pretty interchangeable as I use the same needlea on the Novopens and the Humalog pens.

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Glad to see confirmation!

I can also confirm that our pen needles work on all sorts of insulin pens, including Humalog, Novolog and Lantus pens.

Yes, most needles are interchangeable. I use BD 8 mm and Owen Mumford 12 mm needles on my pens.

The exception is the NovoTwist needles, which only work on Novo pens.

I now understand your previous comment :blush: