Dexcom App Issues on iPhone Since Latest Software Update

Anyone else experiencing issues with the Dexcom app on their iPhone since the latest software update?

I understood my iWatch read my Dexcom from my phone, not my Tandem, yet the readings on my phone are somehow stuck unless I close the app and reopen it, but my Tandem and my iWatch have the updated reading.

It’s frustrating. I am supposed to keep the app open, not close and reopen it (I was instructed to avoid doing that by the Dexcom support), yet if I don’t, it remains “stuck” to whatever the last reading was. My alarms don’t sound or anything, because the app isn’t reading the updated info, so I’m unable to intervene until my pump alerts me (I usually watch the graph and intervene earlier than that for highs and lows).

Any suggestions to fix this? Dexcom support has been completely unhelpful with this. I feel like they used to be so helpful and the quality of service has gone down significantly.


Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it? Sometimes the upgrade path is not the same as a clean install.

I suggest trying this:

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Delete the Dexcom app (without starting the app again)
  3. Restart your phone again
  4. Install the Dexcom app as a new install

To which iOS version did you update?

That usually works for me when I have problems with the app.


I’m using the dexcom app v1.9.0 (11/30/23) on iOS 17.1 and 17.2 with no issues like you describe. So I support the suggestion of uninstall/reinstall to see if that gets your dex app working normally.


The G7 can communicate to three separate devices. So far as I can work out (guesswork) the third “slot” was added for watch communication, most likely iWatch because Apple have the big money here.

So if you have a G7 I would guess that the iWatch communicates with the dCGM directly.

My understanding (belief/guesswork) is that the Tandem uses “slot 1”. The iPhone uses “slot 2”. This is way beyond Dexcom support’s pay grade.

It’s frustrating. I am supposed to keep the app open, not close and reopen it (I was instructed to avoid doing that by the Dexcom support)

Dexcom support are not iPhone, or AndroidAPS, engineers. They are telling you not to kill the app; it takes a lot more than “closing” it to kill it (it continues to run, it just closes the view on your iPhone). They are mistaken; if you can’t restart your iPhone (which happens, certainly, when the battery goes flat) and you can’t reboot your iPhone (which maybe puts the apps to sleep then, like some horrible chucky, reawakens them) their employer’s product does not work. I trust they do not regard this as their problem; doing so would lead to their insanity.

The iPhone is, I believe, on slot 2. Kill it, bring it back from the dead; see if it does the full Shelly. If something goes horribly wrong (like it always does) you still have the pump and the watch!

FYI I have not had problems since the last IOS update

My G7 1.9 dex app on iphone 12 running 17.0.3 got noticeably less stable after updating to ios17. It freezes when I open it (always runs in the background) and occasionally crashes. It still transmits values to apple health while running in the background, so its not a show stopper for me. Very annoying however.


Mine is still acting up. Froze at 8.2 yesterday during rock climbing, and when I checked it on the pump, which I only did because the pump buzzed, it was 19! My A1C has gone up by .5 since the issues. I’m considering getting a new updated iPhone, because I have an 11 and maybe it’s just not working as well.


@jo_jo sorry you’re experiencing the issue. I’ve updated my phone too and haven’t had any problems so far, but appreciate the warning! Any possibility other active apps might be interfering?


It’s my only active app. It’s been working better with no issues this past week, so fingers crossed!


Hi all, so I made sure my Apple watch was updated, went to watch settings on my iphone and shut off then reinstalled the dexcom g7 app on my watch. Then, I shut off/restarted both my Apple watch and my iphone (have an iphone 15 Pro Max iOs 17.5.1 update and the watch is a series 7 with 10.5 software update). Anyway, that finally worked and then let me pair the watch to the Dexcom g7 app. Prior to this it kept saying on the iphone Dexcom g7 app that my Apple watch software was not updated enough/compatible which is not true because watch says it needs iOs 10.0 or higher iOs Apple watch software and I confirmed on my “watch” app on my iphone that I had 10.5 iOs already installed on the watch (which is highest software upgrade avail. currently on my watch at least). Thanks for the help though as I read some other posts on this thread and did this version to fix it. I did not reinstall the dexcom g7 app on my iphone, only my watch, I was afraid it would disconnect from my Dr also which the dexcom g7 app is currently connected to my Dr’s office even so I did not want to take that route. Reinstalling on watch alone and restart on both worked!! Thanks again and good luck everyone! What a pain for something that should be easy! I just joined the group btw after finding this off google-- great website!


Welcome Jenn, it’s always good to have a nurse onboard! I agree with you that this is a great site, well put together, but the really great part is the community of people here.

As to the frustrations of getting tech to work together, well that seems to be universal not just in diabetes tech. The first and second time of using a G7 sensor it took some finagling to get direct to watch to work. The last 2 have been pretty seamless.


I recall, sometimes with fondness and sometimes regret, the adage regarding software, “Don’t buy 1.0 of anything!” Of course, that’s back in the day when software developers actually conducted Alpha and Beta testing vice using the public as Guinea pigs for their products. Now, it seems, pricing in and taking the time to test products is passé, corporate executive’s rush for profit overrides testing needs, recognition for advancement overrules, and they let the public serve as the test ground. I have to admit the public is partly to blame (no this isn’t victim blaming)…everyone is in a rush to get the newest, fastest, “bestest” so we wont wait for reasonable and proper testing (no I’m not saying FDA is reasonable and proper), use products in unintended combinations and permutations, and voluntarily take the risk on. I admit, I’m part of it, I’m a card carrying member of the #WeAreNotWaiting movement, I use Loop, I’ve tried iAPS (but only the v2.3.3, not 4.0, 4.2, 4.6 or whatever its up to now), I’m waiting (with bated breath) on Trio 1.0. It’s hard to tell where the line is anymore…I’m not sure that’s bad, good, or just is…


@nursejenn7 Welcome to the site & thanks for you input :smiley:


We still run our code through, typically, 3 lower environments before deploying into production…Dev, Test and Stage. Stage in most of the companies I’ve worked for mirrors production. Test and QA is still conducted rigorously on product code before hitting the streets. :smiley:

That doesn’t mean flawless code once it hits the streets though. But if issues are found, Defect tickets are opened and they are fixed usually in priority order.

Sometimes it feels like we are guinea pigs though!


Welcome to FUD, @nursejenn7 !

If you’d like, share your story with us. There is a My Story category:

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Thank you for your and your company’s actions! While my comments were intended somewhat tongue in cheek, there is a significant degree of reality. Many, if not most, companies are relatively responsible organizations…whether out of C-suite ethics, fear of customer reaction, or both. If my comments hit too close to home, know while dated and not practiced in life, my Master’s was in CRM (no, not Crap Mgmt, Computer Resource Mgmt) and my final project was on military access control software and the need for testing during development and fielding! Years later, I found somebody at the HQ I was working at actually read the paper and instituted the baseline concepts!

I wish there were such a thing as “flawless code,” but I’m a subscribed believer in the “Ghost in the Machine!” I fear the ghost as AI develops, writing its own code for its own designed chips! The three rules (more?) are essential, but will/are being violated by corporate, state, and non-state actors.

Now I return us to the scheduled program of Dexcom App Issues on iPhone…



All I know is if @TomH says “same bat-time, same bat-channel” I’m outta here :expressionless: :joy:


Yes, same here, it is getting easier at least now! Lol thanks!!

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