Dexcom App Issues on iPhone Since Latest Software Update

Anyone else experiencing issues with the Dexcom app on their iPhone since the latest software update?

I understood my iWatch read my Dexcom from my phone, not my Tandem, yet the readings on my phone are somehow stuck unless I close the app and reopen it, but my Tandem and my iWatch have the updated reading.

It’s frustrating. I am supposed to keep the app open, not close and reopen it (I was instructed to avoid doing that by the Dexcom support), yet if I don’t, it remains “stuck” to whatever the last reading was. My alarms don’t sound or anything, because the app isn’t reading the updated info, so I’m unable to intervene until my pump alerts me (I usually watch the graph and intervene earlier than that for highs and lows).

Any suggestions to fix this? Dexcom support has been completely unhelpful with this. I feel like they used to be so helpful and the quality of service has gone down significantly.


Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it? Sometimes the upgrade path is not the same as a clean install.

I suggest trying this:

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Delete the Dexcom app (without starting the app again)
  3. Restart your phone again
  4. Install the Dexcom app as a new install

To which iOS version did you update?

That usually works for me when I have problems with the app.


I’m using the dexcom app v1.9.0 (11/30/23) on iOS 17.1 and 17.2 with no issues like you describe. So I support the suggestion of uninstall/reinstall to see if that gets your dex app working normally.


The G7 can communicate to three separate devices. So far as I can work out (guesswork) the third “slot” was added for watch communication, most likely iWatch because Apple have the big money here.

So if you have a G7 I would guess that the iWatch communicates with the dCGM directly.

My understanding (belief/guesswork) is that the Tandem uses “slot 1”. The iPhone uses “slot 2”. This is way beyond Dexcom support’s pay grade.

It’s frustrating. I am supposed to keep the app open, not close and reopen it (I was instructed to avoid doing that by the Dexcom support)

Dexcom support are not iPhone, or AndroidAPS, engineers. They are telling you not to kill the app; it takes a lot more than “closing” it to kill it (it continues to run, it just closes the view on your iPhone). They are mistaken; if you can’t restart your iPhone (which happens, certainly, when the battery goes flat) and you can’t reboot your iPhone (which maybe puts the apps to sleep then, like some horrible chucky, reawakens them) their employer’s product does not work. I trust they do not regard this as their problem; doing so would lead to their insanity.

The iPhone is, I believe, on slot 2. Kill it, bring it back from the dead; see if it does the full Shelly. If something goes horribly wrong (like it always does) you still have the pump and the watch!

FYI I have not had problems since the last IOS update

My G7 1.9 dex app on iphone 12 running 17.0.3 got noticeably less stable after updating to ios17. It freezes when I open it (always runs in the background) and occasionally crashes. It still transmits values to apple health while running in the background, so its not a show stopper for me. Very annoying however.


Mine is still acting up. Froze at 8.2 yesterday during rock climbing, and when I checked it on the pump, which I only did because the pump buzzed, it was 19! My A1C has gone up by .5 since the issues. I’m considering getting a new updated iPhone, because I have an 11 and maybe it’s just not working as well.


@jo_jo sorry you’re experiencing the issue. I’ve updated my phone too and haven’t had any problems so far, but appreciate the warning! Any possibility other active apps might be interfering?


It’s my only active app. It’s been working better with no issues this past week, so fingers crossed!

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