iOS 14.8 not showing Dexcom BGL on lockscreen

Anyone having problems getting current Dexcom BGL to display on lock screen in iOS 14.8? Have you found a solution? Called Dexcom and they just say I can’t have an iOS version higher than 14.4 for app to work properly. Bummed out as it is now more difficult to check BG while driving.

I had a similar issue, then it self corrected like they put out an update but the version number didn’t change, the I got a screen saying Dexcom couldn’t load. I turned the iPhone off and back on and everything worked normally. If you haven’t tried a phone shut down and restart, perhaps it might work.

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My Dexcom app is more often than not, connected to my iPhone. It does appear Deccom cannot keep up with software updates on the iPhone. Thankfully my Tandem pump does stay connected to my CGM!

Thanks, Tom. Your suggestion seems to have resolved the problem. I was trying to follow Dexcom’s advice (from notification) and turn off “Scheduled Summary”. But I couldn’t even find any such summary under the scheduling controls and when I called Dexcom the tech support only told me that the app would not work with any iOS version more recent than 14.4! I feel fortunate to have you and the FUD community to help me out when Decom FsU.

That happened to me the other day. I powered off the phone, waited a couple of minutes to turn it on again, and saw that the widget was displaying normally again.

The standard tech reps I’ve spoken with go with their script and, from my experience, often don’t know any more than that. Indeed, per Dexcom website yesterday, haven’t gotten past iOS 14.4, so not even close to current. Glad I could be of assistance. Please just pass on what you “know” or experience to others.

If that’s the notice I got on 14.8 it only applies to a feature (“focus groups”, or something like that) in iOS 15 - iOS 15 allows you to stop notifications on a per-app basis. You have to enable it per-app (weird, but true). When you enable it for the G6 app you see this:

Your BG may vary. The above is a lie; I set notifications to “per app” mode but I didn’t turn them off.
Doing so doesn’t change how the notifications display. On iOS 15 you go to Settings/Dexcom G6/Notifications and mess with it; the notifications can be turned off there.

I just tried “Disallow Notifications”, since the G6 app is the major reason I have sound turned off on my iPhone (sound was already disabled for the G6 yet it still seemed to make annoying beeps.)

Unrelated the “we only support 14.4” stuff is from the web site. It is clear that the developers support 15, otherwise why are they trying to persuade people not to play with the notification settings and why did they spend an update just to get some stupid message about a version that they don’t support on a version they don’t support?