Dexcom app not compatible with iOS version 16.6 or above

I talked to Dexcom yesterday. The Dexcom App is not compatible with ios v.16.6 and above. The CSA said they have no roll-out schedule date for 16.6 or above. As far as she was concerned everyone can use the Dexcom PDM.

Does anyone else know what’s going on? Thanks.

I replaced an old iPhone and my new SE came with ios 16.6. The Dexcom app works okay so fat, with the occasional display wonkiness when adding an event.


The Dexcom app works for me on iOS 16.6 on an 11pro. The alerts are slightly broken in that when a new BG reading arrives, they start to alert based on the previous BG reading for a second or two, then they catch up with themselves and correct it to the new reading.


The person who told you that any version of iOS 16.x is not compatible is WRONG, all 16.x are and have been since October ‘22. There are NO ISSUES WITH 16.x.

It means they haven’t tested it yet. This is inevitable:

Dexcom Products compatible with
iPhone 12
OS Range Set(s):
Dexcom G7 app iOS 15.0.2-16.5.1

Dexcom G6 app iOS 15.0-16.5.1

It’s a massive amount of testing; all the iPhones they support (they list 23) and all the OS releases; the latest iOS 15 is 15.7.8 and that was released in July, 16.5.1 was released in June (21), 16.6 at the end of July (24). It’s still only August; imagine doing all that work in 30 days!

So for upgrades, don’t; wait a couple of months. Turn off “automatic updates”. For new 'phones it should not be a problem so long as you don’t let it update (new 'phones are pretty much always supplied with old software). If you ring customer support, as I had to last time I got a new iPhone, they will insist you do the “upgrade”. If you get caught in this situation don’t worry too much so long as it is not a “major” version; iOS 1.17 is in “beta” at present, it’s not going to be good idea to change to that for a while.

ALL versions of iOS 16.x, which includes 16.6, have been compatible with Dexcom software and products since Oct. '22. No issues have been documented and any issues I heard or seen are aliviated be restarting the iPhone post the update. iOS 17 beta revs have been reported to have no issues so far.

Just because the 16.x version is not on the Dexcom list you posted DOES NOT indicate there is any issue.


It depends on what’s your bigger worry, the lack of security fixes for the phone, or the chance that maybe the Dex software won’t work with the new version.

For myself, I always install the new version of iOS as soon as it is released (not beta test versions), and have never had it break the Dexcom app or Loop software. I know this could have gone wrong, but for myself I’m more concerned about exploits taking advantage of security vulnerabilities if I don’t install the patches that fix those security holes.

Some reasonable people take the exact opposite approach, for instance I think Eric said he generally doesn’t upgrade software that is working ok for him until he is forced to do so.