Dexcom App is crashing after update

Is it just me, or is the Dexcom app crashing on other people’s iPhones as well?
The app, or IOS, displays a screen declaring:
App Stopped Alert
The Dexcom CGM app is no longer working correctly…

I thought the first time this happened that it was an upgrade issue. Has happened twice now, over a span of 5 days

the particulars
Dexcom G6
Dexcom app version 1.12.0
“Bug fixes and upgrades”
iPhone Xs, IOS 17.5.1

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You are not alone with that. It’s a thing that’s going around.


happened to me today as well. I had to uninstall the app, download the app again from the apple store and then get it set up. But the CGM on my tandem pump was fine…

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Same here. Sensor/transmitter is fine and O5 PDM reads numbers like normal. Problem is the app continues to crash even after deleting the app and reinstalling/ following all of the dexcom prompts. I’m on my fourth time through this delete app, start over from scratch and it keeps failing with same message. Any ideas or fixes I’m all ears. I plan to call dexcom tomorrow.

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Sounds like you’re doing everything. I did have to do it twice - because i didn’t delete the app off my iphone the first time through. But once I deleted the app on the iphone and then reinstalled it, i had to give it my transmitter id and sensor id and then it started right up.


This may help prevent things like this in the future - turn off automatic app updates.

As numbered in the image below, the steps are:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to App Store
  3. Scroll down to “Automatic Downloads”
  4. Turn off the “App Updates - Automatically install new app updates.”


I chatted with dexcom support today and they recommended to do as @Eric recommended and disable auto updates (for both apps and for the iOS). Dexcom did say this is a known issue but had nothing else to add other than to disable the updates and reinstall the app.

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After the ap crashed twice he called Dexcom and they said to delete the ap, don’t remove the sensor, redownload the ap. That seemed to be the best solve for now. He had to enter in all the information still, but it did start working and it hasn’t failed again (yet). This was about 5 days ago. That was Dexcom’s only answer, they know there is an issue and are working on it. He didn’t have his phone on auto updates.

Knock on wood, I don’t want to jinx it. But mine has not failed and I’ve had no issues. I had updated my phone but not the Dexcom ap, I haven’t updated that for a while as I learned my lesson from before. You don’t always get an improvement. I have to wonder if that’s the difference.

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I have this set, and it is a fine suggestion to anyone who has not already updated the app. I take responsibility for bonking the ‘update all’ button.
I mistakenly assumed that Dexcom had some degree of software quality control, testing, or configuration management.
Would be nice if there was at least some form of rollback to run a previous (non-crashing) version


My grandson has deleted and reinstalled the app for the last 2 weeks and still having problems dexcom was suppose to call me back with some answers and still haven’t gotten any call back or solution so I am at a total loss and he has redone the delete and reinstalled at least 10 times and still not working today

Welcome Rev, did grandson follow advice to turn off App Downloads and App Updates in his app store settings? If not, try that. My G6 app has been working okay since doing that, though I have lost the graph from the bottom of my Dexcom homescreen and I now need to turn the screen 90 degrees to view my actual trend curve. At least the app is now mostly functional!

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I also have this quirky thing where sometimes the app at first does not display fully when I click on it. In that case I need to clear the page and click on the app a second time and then the current BGL appears in the circle, but trend graph remains absent and must be accessed by rotating the iPhone screen.

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@Rev I recommend you tell him to delete the app completely, re-download it, then install and connect. If he gets a warning about deleting all data, respond yes to do so. The trick seems to be starting as completely fresh as possible.


Sorry about that.
Android is working just fine.
Maybe get away from the Corporate Dictator Apple?

That’s not helping, @Randygator……not appreciated.

Just saying that Android is working, so it is an Apple-Dexcom issue.
Apple is hard to work with from the App side.

Just letting Android users know that their App is working ok.

Didn’t want to offend, but one shouldn’t be so touchy.

Many of us, myself included, used to be Android users, but if we wanted to Loop (with the DIY Omniloop artificial pancreas app), that was only supported by Apple devices.

That’s why I personally switched.

Nowadays you can get it other ways, but the original version was only supported by iPhones. After being an iPhone user for the past 7 years I don’t think i’d go back to android either…have just gotten used to the iPhone now.

After 8 years our son, now 10, keeps around a 6.0 A1C, all with the help of the Omniloop app. So, I am personally very thankful to have switched and been able to receive that aid.

I have noticed battery life seems to always be worse than Android and the cameras (at least all the iPhones I’ve ever owned) are not as good as Android phone cameras. But more apps are available through the Apple Store than Google Play store.

So far I haven’t had this issue being described and I’m knocking on wood that we don’t. But I’m sympathetic to those who are having these issues.


I use android just to annoy my wife…lol (kind of joking).

Unfortunately for me, commercial diabetes releases (i.e Tandem) Apple is always first then Samsung devices when they get around to it.



I understand