My Dexcom G6 App Failed

I’ve never had this happen before…

…at 5:40AM I was woken up by a new sound I’ve never heard from my phone or my
Dexcom app.

The app stated that it had failed, needed to be removed and reinstalled, then restarted.

Fortunately I had the box from the current transmitter so I was able to scan that QR code when I had to set up the app again…but I had to go No Code on the sensor bc I don’t keep the papers from them.

Has anyone else had this happen with Dexcom or the G6 specifically?


I have not seen that one!

Did you get it working again after you reinstalled it?

Maybe that’s just Dexcom’s sneaky way of getting you to upgrade their app every once-in-a-while. :joy:


this just happened to me as well - g6 user here too. 2 days and 2 sensors in a row now…currently on hold with customer service

UPDATE: customer service has no timeframe as to when this issue will be resolved. they are replacing the lost sensors and recommending using the g6 receiver device in the meantime

hope this may help



Yeah I got it working again after reinstalling…

…it had also said (before I removed the app from my phone) “Transmitted Not Paired”…

…so I was wondering if I would have to go through a whole transmitter re-pairing and a whole sensor restart…

…but it paired with the transmitter (after reinstalling the app) within about five minutes and then it instantly had data and it filled in everything I’d missed in the last 90 minutes.


@wiggy12, thank you for the intel and welcome!!


The weird thing now is that the Sugarmate app keeps lagging on data even after restarting it a few times.

I’ll miss an hour of data…and then it will eventually fill in…and then I lose another hour of data.

I only really care for the overnight hours when it’s nice to get a phone call for lows. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon.


Damn, sounds frustrating. I haven’t seen that and I don’t want to see that problem! Hope it resolves for you quickly!


Just happened to me, too! Restarted okay, was able to pull TX number from my GTS watch. Weird!


Happened to me at 3 am last night. Tech has reinvented Murphys Law, too bad for us we need these devices to be reliable. Where is Dexcom on this mess? They should be working 24/7 to fix their software.


This happened to me too!! My dad said he didn’t want it to be this, as a lot of people had been complaining on the forums. But all he had to do was take a picture of the transmitter code to remember, update dexcom and enter the code, and it immediately started working!


I took a picture of the transmitter code but didn’t actually need it. As soon as I did the update, the CGM started working again and loop / NS immediately began working again.

Hoping that’s the end of it though!


Today the G6 app on my iPhone has been giving me a “you need to update this app” screen that I can bypass to get to the regular G6 Dexcom screen. But when it shows this screen, it is not sending any info to my Apple Watch. So any time I want to see numbers on my watch, I have to go into my phone, click through this screen, then be able to see #s on my watch (for a limited time). This is going to get old. But am I correct in reading that if I upgrade the app it’s likely to also fail???

UPDATE: just saw the comments on this exact issue on another thread, so no need to comment on this specific issue on this thread