Dexcom App For All Android Phones



Hi mwashburn
I’m new to FUDiabetes.
How are you going with using Dexcom G5 with the Motorola motoG5?
Anymore issues since your last post, or have you moved onto something else.
I’m currently using libre freestyle style, but would like the CGM functionality.


Everyone - I realize this thread is a little old but I hope we might be able to add a little more discussion around this. I currently use xDrip but am finding that my readings are approx 30 points lower than my BS readings. I wanted to look into trying out this Dexcom application however I am a little skeptical, not understanding how the code base is being modified, ensuring the apk is actually safe. Looking for input on what you experiences have been with the application and its overall accuracy, any security concerns etc.


@jduff You don’t have to use the Dexcom app. Just have xDrip+ use the “native” mode. The algorithm used comes from the transmitter, thus it is Dexcom’s algorithm exactly. You would get the exact same readings on your receiver or Dexcom app.


Thanks I just checked my settings and they are set to use the Native Algorythm. I will keep a watch on it and see how things go since this is a new install. Thanks for the input really appreciate it.