Xdrip with T:Connect app?

Does anyone use the T:Connect concurrently with XDrip on the same phone? Given the transmitter BT signal from sensor > pump/XDrip and pump > phone/T:Connect app are different it seems possible, but is there any actual value? Having never used the T:Connect mobile all (I’ve seen screenshots) it seems like a tertiary data source (Currently using pump > XDrip > Tidepool & Nightscout) with limited value. On the other hand, if I borked my Nightscout server move it might be a handy tool.

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I currently use both on same phone, no problem.

Several times the pump loses connection with phone BT, so T:Connect is frozen. But then I flip to xDrip and get cgm trend. I like that xDrip allows notes, and use for things not recorded by pump.

I just started X2 a few months ago, so doing more tweaking still, and xDrip has been very helpful in addition to t:connect. Later, may find less use for xDrip. Although nice to see estimated A1C and cgm bg averages heading in right direction.

Using T:Connect is a convenient way to see details that otherwise are a pain to get through pump menus, and nice that data is also loaded to tandem where MD can also have access.