Xdrip settings

I am currently using the x strip app and native is not checked so I am using the x strip algorithm to get my blood glucose readings. If I checked native I was sure I would get dexcom readings. But I am getting no readings so what else needs to be checked or unchecked ? Hope somebody knows thanks


Can you confirm the bluetooth shows connection to dexcom with correct transmitter id. Check system status option (option on left) and event log (option on right).

Might find helpful info here, although a bit old.

Or here.

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I confirm that system status in the vent log show the correct transmitter ID. For some reason can’t get native mode to work. I even did a 2-hour restart and after putting in the calibration it stopped. Did not get another reading other than the calibration I put in.

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Most people have NATIVE checked on the Settings/G5/G6 Debug Settings Page. Could someone using G5 NATIVE tel me what they also have checked on the Debug Settings page? I have checked,

Use the QB1 Collector
Native Algorithm
Allow OB1 unbonding
Allow OB1 initiate bonding

Preemptive restarts cannot be checked but if you click on it I have checked
Preemptive restarts
Alert on preemptive restart

For some reason Native is not working for me.


@RCA221 Make sure “authenticate G5 before each reading” is checked. Newer G5’s wont work otherwise.


Thanks, I’ll try that,

Thus far getting messages…
No session in progress
Sensor status stopped
G5 Session Start Failed
Clock not Synchronized

Actually, at 1:00 am restarted sensor and at 3:00 am it asked for a calibration which I gave it. It took it and then never showed a further reading and just stopped.

Who thought moving back to NATIVE would be this difficult?

Is it possible that it is because G5 transmitter is at day 105?

Since I am trying to move back to NATIVE, I cannot get readings because Dexcom views transmtiter as expired? I was getting non-NATIVE readings when I switched to NATIVE yesterday and it hasn’t worked since. That might be what it is.

@RCA221 Yes, that is probably it. In Native mode the transmitter is in control. You may be able to circumvent this by doing the “hard reset transmitter” command.


I just read it is best to do that before day 100.

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Was probably your earlier post that I read.

I have finally have the G5 up and running. The problem was I waited too long to extend the G5 transmitter. Spent a day figuring this out and when I put in a new G5 transmitter it worked.
Now I am wearing both G5 and G6 transmitters and sensors.

I put in my first G6 sensor about 48 hours ago and it totally surprised me as the G6 has been awesome thus far. I inserted the G6 with ease (super quick and painless). Readings have been almost perfect (compared to my Contour Next and from the moment it was inserted). I used to soak my G5 for 24 hours and was planning on 8 hours for the G6 but there was absolutely no erratic or even questionable readings after insertion. I haven’t calibrated it once yet and I was calibrating the G5 about 4 times a day. I don’t remember even calibrating the G6 after it was inserted but I must have.

With both G5 and G6 in my abdomen, after the G5 has soaked for 24 hours I will be able to do a meaningful comparison on which is more accurate for me. Although I will not be able to determine this unequivocally since if I changed either sensor I could see different results. So at best it will be a feeling unless I extended the time period and included multiple sensor comparisons.


My son gets really good results from the G6. So I am glad it is working for you as well. Obviously others don’t have such good luck with the G6, but for us it is nearly flawless. Combined with the Tandem Control-IQ, diabetes has faded even further to the background for my son.

I’m so happy for your son. It is great to have good numbers but so much better to have good numbers with less effort. Can’t wait to get on the Tslim Control-IQ.

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I have worn and compared G4 and G6, and found very close numbers after first day. When I get a guick rise (food), sometimes G6 exaggerates rise but then comes down, while G4 is a bit slower to show rise.

But overall averages/trends in Clarity are close, and can download bg/date/time data for additional spreadsheet analysis.

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Thanks, but CGM accuracy is slightly different for everyone. Most say G6 is better, some the same and some inferior to G4/G5. I just hope the great readings, with no soak, will continue. Fingers crossed. In addition, even two G6 sensors will give different readings so I think I can’t do anything else but to experience the G6 over time.

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