xDrip Predictive Simulations not displayed

I upgraded yesterday from a November 2019 release to the 26 January release.

I exported / imported settings (so all settings are identical)

No predictive simulations are now displayed although I can still enter insulin / carbs / time. Before the upgrade, predictive simulations were correctly displayed.

Any suggestions what to do?

Is it possible to downgrade to an earlier (bug-free?) version mid-session or must I wait until the sensor stops?

@Paul Are you positive that predictions are fully enabled. I am using the latest nightly and my predictions are working fine.


Just in case anyone is interested in the outcome - I restarted my phone (Samsung S8) & predictive simulations were displayed correctly. Strange!


Thank you for this follow up, I had the same issue (although mine worked fine for around a week after I upgraded) and have been going through every possible setting that may have changed… but restarting the phone fixed it!

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