xDrip+ issues - stuck on Signal Missed error

Hi all, I got xDrip+ working for a few hours today, but now it’s stuck after I lost contact with the phone temporarily, when going away too far from it.

It’s stuck on: “Signal Missed 50 minutes ago”, and it keeps going and going without a reading. I tried “restart collector” - no dice. Also tried “scan for G5 constantly” and “restart sensor” in settings - still nothing.

Any advice?

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Hi @Headlands Welcome to FUD!

What phone are you using? Are you using G5 or G6? There’s probably an easy solution to your problem.

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Hi Doc, thanks! And thanks for the response. I’m using a Galaxy S6, and Dexcom G6.

I re-installed xDrip+ and it seems to be working great now. I think something weird happened during the warmup period the first time I tried it out.

One question: Is starting xDrip+ with the Source Wizard necessary? It doesn’t work on my Samsung S6 - it only will open the normal way (a single short press). With a long press I see no option to open it with Source Wizard, I only see arrangement/remove from screen options.

@Headlands Glad you got it working again!

You can put the Data Source Wizard on your xDrip+ home screen by long pressing the blood drop icon at the top of the xDrip+ home screen, then an applet will pop up. Slide the Data Source Wizard switch to On and that will cause a button for the Wizard to be placed on the lower part of your xDrip+ home screen.

Running it should get your settings for the G6 in order.

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Ah, got it. It looks like the same thing as when I first installed xDrip+, to get it locked with the G6 transmitter and all set up. Is that right?

@Headlands Yes, that’s probably right. I think the Data Source Wizard opens on the first run of the app.

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Awesome, thanks!

@Headlands Any more problems with xDrip+, just give me a hollar!


Because Liam is still so young and we depend on having data all the time, we had to give up xDrip+ for the time being. We had such severe data lost so frequently that we were getting no data more than we were getting data…and that wasn’t working for us. Whenever his BG roller coaster isn’t as wildly swinging, though, we’ll be going back to xDrip to get longer life out of each of the transmitters. I feel you though on the signal missed issues…that’s what made us abandon it for now.

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