Dexcom G6 & Moto 5 plus


I have downloaded the xdrip + application on my Moto g5 plus. I cannot get it to provide information. At the top(in red) it says: “G6 State isn’t currently known. Next connection will update this.”
I have read other posts, and have already tried the long hold in the icon, no luck. Tried : START SOURCE SET UP WIZARD. Nothing is working. Any ideas?
All and any help is appreciated! :sunglasses:

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Sorry you are having issues. I am sure our resident expert @docslotnick will be by soon with ideas.



Hi @ggulick Welcome to FUD!

Did you run the Setup Wizard, or just find where it is? My guess is that you at least told it your Data source is G6.

Turn on Wi-Fi, Location, and Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth on your watch is on.

In G5/G6 Debug Settings make sure “I am using G6” is ticked, and OB1 and “Native Mode” are checked.

Start a sensor and see what happens. If you have a Dexcom G6 receiver it would be advantageous to run the phone with xDrip+ and the receiver simultaneously. After you get xDrip+ started you can turn off the receiver.

Let me know how it goes!

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@Chris Happy Anniversary! Two years just flew by.

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Thanks Chris. I am sure it is probably some stupid mistake I’m making!



It’s me again! Now I have an issue with it not working and at the home screen just above the Start Source Set Up Wizard, it says , " Sensor failed 6 (in red). It is a new sensor and worked for a few hours today, but it says towards the left,“Signal Missed 468 minutes ago” again.