Xdrip+, Dexcom G4, straight plot lines

Hi all, I’m new here, my son has been using xdrip+ for a few months with Dexcom G4, great results so far. Last week I changed some settings and ever since have been getting straight lines on the graph, and the readings also seem to be off. Tried everything I can think of, I’m fairly tech savvy so this really has me stumped. I guess I could uninstall xdrip and start again but trying to avoid that.
Any suggestions? Thanks!
Phone is Samsung J5

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Do you mean flat lines on the graph when not expected per finger sticks? When this happens to me it is usually an indication that the sensor needs to be changed. How old is the sensor? My sensor usually does not last more than 9 or 10 days.

@Richard42 What settings did you change? Any that require engineering mode?

If you’re stumped then start using native mode. It will give you the same readings as you get on the Dexcom receiver.

Thanks for the response, the sensor was only on a few days, we eventually tried using the Dexcom receiver and it came back with a ‘sensor failed’ message so that’s the issue, changed the sensor and we’re back in business!