Xdrip+ complications aren't working? Watch face suggestions?

I have a Ticwatch pro 3, actually it’s my second one, because the first had battery issues, so I had it replaced under warranty.
And while I use the xdrip watch face, I’d like it to be less boring so I looked for other watch faces to use.

Watchmaker had some non boring watch faces created by FreDiabetes, and I had been using them, but they’ve been having major issues in that the glucose values have not been updating - stuck on 10.9 mmol/l in fact.

So I thought I’d look for watch faces with complications that can be customised. However in using the xdrip prefs. All I get in any watch face complication is null.

Has anyone else had similar issues? Am I doing something wrong?
Of course functionality is great, but I really want to be able to use the watch as a proper smart watch as well, that will also look great. I’m actually frustrated by the seemingly lack of options and would create something myself if I knew how.

Appreciate any help anyone can give me! 20210220_111651|236x500

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