Garmin watch with xdrip!

Hi guys, back home from my big adventure, photos and details to come later.

Before the trip, I bought a Garmin Vivoactive 5 watch, my first smartwatch. My intent was to use it as an auxiliary display for CGM data, so I don’t have to constantly look at my phone!

I’m using libre 3 CGM which connects to my Pixel 3a thru Juggluco. Juggluco in turn transfers data to xdrip+, which has worked awesome for a couple years for me (first with libre 2).

I knew there were watch faces available to connect to xdrip+, dexcom, night scout, etc, but had to try it out first hand.

I downloaded the CGM TIR FACE by John_ from the Garmin IQ store, and set it to receive xdrip data.

The result has been great! It uses xdrip’s local server for data, which doesn’t appear to rely on Internet connectivity. Also, I get xdrip notifications on my watch with an accompanying vibration…“low predicted in 28 minutes”… Etc.

The watch has about a week’s battery life, and has a bunch of fitness features I’m excited to use.

Here’s a screenshot in action on my wrist…


I miss that long battery life of my Garmin watch. I bought an Apple Watch 6 because my Garmin was not capable of the using the Dexcom widget. The Apple watch has to be charged every day, that’s a pain.


Congrats on your new watch! Garmin watches are great.

I have found a lot of apps that are very useful. There is a ton of stuff out there for the Garmin’s. You obviously found one from their IQ store too. :+1:

Looking at all the stuff on that face, I can figure out most of them. But the only two I am not sure about are the 2m. Maybe that’s altitude, and you were close to sea-level?

And the -6. Was that temperature?!? :cold_face:


My guess is -6 bg and reading from 2 minutes ago, as 134.

That is how it shows on fitbit watch, from xDrip.
And showing downward bg trend arrow.


You are smarter than me @MM2! I didn’t think in that way at all!

I was thinking of all the non-D things that watches have on them. Like temperature and heart rate and how much you slept and all of that stuff! :joy:


I had advantage… Fitbit with xDrip and Glance is similar face.


Way warmer than that! It was around 5 degrees when I snapped the pic. Unfortunately, we’re headed for -15 tonight…

Also, the ring around the watch face is color coded per time in range- green is in range, red is low, yellow is high.


That’s really neat!

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I have the same watchface! I just use Clarity for the Dexcom info but it works so well. I customize the colors occasionally so I don’t get bored with it :wink: