I have all the tech, now what do I do with it?

Thanks to all who gave me advice on where to look for info and suggestions of smartwatches etc. Especially @RogerType1. Great advice!

I have set up xdrip and nightscout as followers of dexcom g5, and I have ordered a smartwatch. I ended up going with the Ticwatch pro 3. I figured any smartwatch was going to look big on my little wrist so made my decision based on which I considered had the better tech.

I would like to use an xdrip watchface, but wanted to know if I was using xdrip instead dexcom, can I enter treatments and carbs via the watchface? I’ve seen a thread on GitHub about being able to send xdrip data to dexcom servers. Would this allow my HCP’s to still see the info on Clarity?

Another question I have is, am I able to import a food database to xdrip? I have integrated nightscout into the diabetes:m app I have been using for years, but the data isn’t coming through. From what I can understand, it’s because Sirma Medical is only allowing nightscout integration for use with Freestyle Libre. However, the only reason for me to be using diabetes:m now, is for the food database and bolus calculator. I can export the food database from the diabetes:m app as a csv or xls.
Thanks in advance!


I’m happy I could help, and If for some reason they can’t see the info on clarity, your hcp"s can always log into your nightscout website and see reports there…my endocrinologist does that at every visit. You’ll want to turn the display to always on and change to the xdrip watchface. Make sure to set up the xdrip predictive simulation settings and on the home screen if you hold Down the blood drop for a few seconds, you’ll have access to a few more options Including the animation arrows. I always log or try to log food and insulin in xdrip, often from my watch, but if you can use bitesnap in Australia, I think it is the best database…you just have to remember to take the picture before eating


Thanks again, @RogerType1 . I already have a food database that I use and want to keep using. Mainly because I have been using it for 7 years now and I have created most of my own food entries, as I don’t eat a lot of foods that appear in most databases, plus I’ve found that they are generally country specific, and not many have been created in Australia.

Diabetes:m is where my current database is, and I can export it in either csv or xls. But I am guessing that xdrip doesn’t have the capability (yet), to import those files to use inside the app?

It’s times like these that I kick myself that I didn’t learn to code back in my childhood, when I had that commodore 64 :joy: