xDrip+ Android Location Services Error

Dexcom G6. My sensor is only 3.8 days old, my transmitter 64. I have both Dexcom G6 app and xDrip+ app, I switch between them sometimes by force stopping one or the other. I’m trying to use my xDrip+ app now, and it seems to work for spurts of 5-10 minutes at a time and then lose connection from the transmitter, citing “Scan Error: Location services need to be enabled on Android 6.0+”. I have location services enabled generally and specifically for xDrip+, and I have bluetooth scanning enabled too (just in case). Any ideas what ‘location services’ it could be talking about?

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First two digits of transmitter serial number ?

@jredel Go to Settings/location/ xdrip/app permission . You migt have to toggle location on then off. Additionally, I get this error when my “BatterySaver” is enabled. If I turn Battery Saver off, everything is happy again.

Hope this helps…

81 (742g)

Aha! I did have battery saver on. I’ve turned it off, let’s see…