xDrip+ Android Location Services Error

Dexcom G6. My sensor is only 3.8 days old, my transmitter 64. I have both Dexcom G6 app and xDrip+ app, I switch between them sometimes by force stopping one or the other. I’m trying to use my xDrip+ app now, and it seems to work for spurts of 5-10 minutes at a time and then lose connection from the transmitter, citing “Scan Error: Location services need to be enabled on Android 6.0+”. I have location services enabled generally and specifically for xDrip+, and I have bluetooth scanning enabled too (just in case). Any ideas what ‘location services’ it could be talking about?

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First two digits of transmitter serial number ?

@jredel Go to Settings/location/ xdrip/app permission . You migt have to toggle location on then off. Additionally, I get this error when my “BatterySaver” is enabled. If I turn Battery Saver off, everything is happy again.

Hope this helps…

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81 (742g)

Aha! I did have battery saver on. I’ve turned it off, let’s see…

The accelerometer, which is required for the “vehicle mode”; your speed can be determined (by high school physics) from the acceleration, but the accelerometer is part of the Android “location services” (I assume) since you can deduce the devices relative position from the data.

Nevertheless, that wouldn’t cause lost connection with the G6, that’s just lost connection. There are no causal error messages reported for a lost connection normally; it just happens because the G6 isn’t seen. It might be the Dexcom app intercepting the messages from a paired G6. Stopping the app doesn’t necessarily help, I don’t know enough about Android to be sure.

Interesting. What’s weird is that it (stopping the dexcom app) worked for a year or so until suddenly stopping.

That doesn’t surprise me; I think I’ve had two xDrip+ software updates in that time period and there have been numerous Android updates. There have probably been several to the Dexcom app as well.

The G6 80 and 81 transmitters have a very weak signal output. I’d left my cell on the passenger seat of my car today while I hooked up my trailer; every time I went round the back of the car the transmitter would get lost and xDrip+ would restart bluetooth. I know this because the car announces that it has been disconnected and reconnected from the cell. Disconnects also happen while I sleep, depending on whether my body and the box spring blocks the signal.

All sorts of apparently insignificant environmental changes can cause my system to stop working, or at least stop working reliably. xDrip+ has got a little better over the last year but I think it is probably still battling against an intractable problem; the G6 has a weak signal and is competing with potentially thousands of bluetooth and WiFi devices which are in signal range.