Dexcom G6 and Xdrip+ and replacement issues

I’m currently on the Dexcom G6 and use Xdrip+ exclusively on my Galaxy S8+ phone.

I had a sensor that I needed replaced, so I called tech support. He asked if I was on the app or the handheld device. I told him app. He tried to go into clarity and when he couldn’t see any data, he had me reinstall it and then replaced it.

I don’t want to have to keep uninstalling Xdrip+ and reinstalling Dexcom on my phone, but I don’t want to lie and say I’m using their reader when I’m not either.

One time I told the truth and mentioned Xdrip and they said they don’t support it and wouldn’t help me at all.

Any ideas?

What do you do?

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@bpollina. I have never had customer support ask me what I used to read the sensor.

I would be proactive and ask what the difference is and why should it matter. All the sensor does is feed data to the transmitter that emits a BLE signal. The receiving device just receives the transmitter’s signal.

Of course they’re not going to replace a 10 day sensor that’s in use for 11 days.

Of course! They said that if it wasn’t their app then there is no way for them to validate that the numbers were correct and that it wasn’t the software that caused the highs then failure.

Most of the time they don’t ask but occasionally they do.

Late to the party, but I’ve had similar troubles. Now I just say that I “only use the receiver and don’t use clarity”. In that case, they can’t see real time data, so that tends to shut them up and just mail me the replacement sensor.