Will Dexcom honor sensor failure if one is using xDrip+?

Just as the question says. I just had a sensor failure after 8 days and am going to call them to get a replacement, but I’d like to know if they can find out that I’m using xDrip+ and won’t honor the replacement policy because of that. Thanks!


Take your chances.

Do you have a Dexcom Receiver?


@Thomas is reading my mind this morning.

I would totally call and try it. Maybe mention less. Just say it didn’t work?

Once I called about getting my follow account to work (it was buggy) and mentioned that EH had a sensor that had pooped out and they sent a new one. It was definitely within the 10 days, but I had forgotten to call at the time – and had it been quite some time.


Is this a G4/G5 or G6 sensor?

It would be best if you use your receiver to show that you are unable to get a signal. That would be enough.

@Headlands If they don’t ask, don’t tell. If they ask when the sensor was started just give them the date from the System Status screen.


Someone else suggested on another thread to tell them you have the receiver but your doc only does the upload so it won’t be current.

No matter what you say DO NOT tell them about Xdrip or they will blame that software as incompatible and shut you down. Better to say nothing at all and let them ask.

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