FYI for xdrip+ users

The last few days I got a couple of warnings that my 75 day old transmitter was about to fail. Well yesterday it failed. I got a ??0! on my main screen.
I fired up my dexcom receiver and was promptly given the transmitter failed screen. I called dexcom to troubleshoot. When asked for the starting date I was only able to provide the age and not the date. I explained that I was using the xdrip+ app of which he had no knowledge of. After troubleshooting with the receiver a bit, he put me on hold. He came back and said that they would replace it but that, I should start using the receiver or the android app. Well I connected my other transmitter I had on hand with the dexcom receiver. Now my receiver has a starting date. I put it away and Iā€™m back with xdrip+.
I believe I was very fortunate.