Dexcom/xdrip questions

So to my fellow xdrip/ g6 users. I just received my 2nd transmitter. Do I switch to the new one and hold on to the old one, or ride the old one or till it dies? The reason I included xdrip is I’m looking at voltages, both a and b. Voltage A is at 303, and voltage B is at 292. What should I be looking for voltage wise to get ready for the demise of said transmitter? Or should I be looking at another piece of information to anticipate said demise.
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9 toe Joe.

In xDrip status screen, you will see sensor days (sensor status) and also transmitter days.

Mine is currently day 8 for sensor and day 103 for transmitter. In 2 days I will start a new sensor, and a new transmitter.

My understanding is that Trans day 99 is last day to start a new sensor, assuming transmitter battery still has enough power.

The voltage number were relevant with older G4/G5 transmitters, and not sure meaningful for G6 since T-day count 110-115 is max.

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Are you using the G6 connected to a pump or other device?
If you are only reading dexcom from xdrip, just run it until it dies.
If you are not, then you are getting closer to the end of that transmitter’s life. Voltage still looks good enough to continue for a little while though.

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Keep in mind also that the Dex transmitter warranty expires 5 months after they send it to you (that has been the rule in the USA, at least), so if you run one for an extended period, others sitting on your shelf might not have a full 3 months of warranty left when you finally get around to starting them.


Good point. I never thought about this.

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Yes currently with OP5 system

Which also means you have to stop/start the descom via the xdrip app as well.
But, the O5 will force stop it’s own readings after the preset dates that Dexcom wants.
So while xdrip can keep reading the G6 until the battery is DEAD. O5 will not.

Unlike the G5 system the G6 voltages are different. Dexcom started using a Lithium battery for the G6 transmitter but for the later transmitter switched to a Silver Oxide battery. I have had a later transmitter fail with no bluetooth signal. Dexcom replaced that transmitter. It was also close to the expiration date. You should be OK as long as the transmitter is less than the 90 days and still have a bluetooth signal. I do use xDrip for both of the of the G6 transmitter ports. There is different data that exists from port 1 the port normally used for the Dexcom receiver.