Battery transmitter drain, maybe xdrip setting?


My g5 transmitter is draining quickly.
I can’t figure how to save the battery
I have pixel 3 using xdrip
Any ideas to fix ?



XDrip might have an effect on your phone battery, but it will have no effect on the transmitter that I know of.

How old is the transmitter and what do you mean by draining quickly. i.e. it might just be the normal battery depletion curve. At some points in the curve the voltage changes quickly.



Another possibility is: how many devices are interrogating the transmitter?

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Thanks Chris, transmitter charge is down to 283,
loses 1 charge unit per day, done days 2, but
…event log is huge on xdrip…



Good point Michel, if you use both slots to connect to the transmitter you will increase the battery drain.



Well based on @docslotnick’s experience, I think transmitter death is imminent. What is the resistance values?

How long have you been using it?

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Battery is 1 month and 4 days old



I think you should give Dexcom a call, that sounds like a bad transmitter. Well within the warranty period.



But they may not accept if the OP is still using xDrip. They refuse to support xDrip. @Chuck, how much time after it was shipped did you install the transmitter?



you could always reconnect to a Dexcom device/app and let it fail in service so Dexcom would not realize it was being used concurrently with XDrip. Might as well play their game against them

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@docslotnick, what do you think of this battery problem?



Hi Mike and Chris, I store in the box and hold off using for as long as I can, maybe 9 months



I was thinking all those events were triggering faster usage, by trying to connect with my pixel phone, Garmin watch or maybe over validating calibration.
I was hoping I could trigger a battery saver mode if possible



Chuck, that could be your problem. Transmitters have a battery that runs down when they are not used. Dexcom says you need to start your transmitter within 5 months of reception. They often last quite a bit longer, but they do tend to fail.



Thanks Michel, my battery is at 282, any range idea how low before they’ll just stop?



Actually, I think this is just plain old premature battery failure.

The G5 reacts very passively with xDrip+. All it does is transmit a BLE signal every 5 minutes. It has no onboard processing. There is no two way communication.

We mark >1400 resistance as bad, >1000 as questionable and <750 as great. voltage a < 300 is marked as bad, voltage b < 290 is marked as bad

My guess is that this transmitter sat in the box for a while before being placed in service.

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Thanks guys. I really admire all your effort, time & hard work you all do to help the community!

Lessons= Use transmitter asap.

BTW, 2 transmitters+ 3 sensor boxes=$4516

EPMS bills bcbshield, Crazy high.

Thanks again guys!



That is true, but then BCBS takes the $4516 charge and actually pays the negotiated price, which is probably more like $1600.

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