Dexcom Transmitter battery level and resetting

I received the error message “ transmitter battery has dropped to 296 it may fail soon” What does this mean? How much longer do we have on my son’s transmitter (I didn’t write down when it was first used and I can not remember how old it is)?

Has anyone had any luck with resetting it?
We are currently in the process of needing a new sensor so I will hold off putting a new sensor on until I get some feedback :grimacing:

What battery level do you set the alert for on Xdrip?

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This was my response from a third party source when I asked this question.

“We mark >1400 resistance as bad, >1000 as questionable and <750 as great. voltage a < 300 is marked as bad, voltage b < 290 is marked as bad.” You probably have no more than two weeks left if you got a specific message of potential failure but thee is no hard or fast rule.

I had a transmitter fail after two weeks and so I also asked Dexcom tech support. Dexcom said that an indication of potential transmitter failure is also a “signal loss” message and it lasts more than 30 minutes. Said everything else like message of ??? is sensor failure.

I am not knowledgeable about this so I am just passing on what I have heard and researched.

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@Kels_eh Are you using G5 or G6?

With the G5 the battery levels are pre set, but can be changed. There is no need to change them.

With G6, the battery levels can pretty much be ignored. The battery monitoring algorithm doesn’t work. Resistance is close, but have a different threshold than in G5. If you don’t want to be botheated with messages, just set the battery voltage indicator very low, and the resistance indicator very high.


The receiver/app or xDrip will show number of transmitter days (or activation date).

XDrip will also allow a transmitter reset days, so that receiver or app can read beyond limit that dexcom sets. If only using xDrip, I don’t think reset is required since xDrip will not stop reading transmitter.

Do you know date transmitter was purchased? If close to 90 days, have you reordered new one?

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I sent my G5 transmitter out to have a new battery put in so I have a spare. Cost $60 or two sensors and got it back within a week. Seemed to work fine, let’s see how long it lasts.


It is a G6. I tried it with a new sensor today and couldn’t get the sensor to connect. But I’m trying again now. New sensor and new transmitter and xdrip is still saying. G6 state isn’t currently known. Next connection will update. And nothing happens . I deleted xdrip and tried redownload it. What is the best version to get? I went to my files and download the one that was previously working instead of the newest one I found online so hopefully we can go back to everything working again.

The weird thing is I could NOT find the age of the transmitter anywhere. It was just blank. No activation date or anything . I think the G6 transmitter battery was just too weak. Lesson learnt

Do you recall about when you inserted the transmitter? My last one lasted less than one month. The simple way that I understand this is that the BG reading comes from the sensor and the transmitter transmits them to your receiver or phone. If you are getting readings at all then that is a sensor problem. If you are getting a ??? message that is also a sensor problem. I was told by Dexcom tech support that the only time it is a transmitter problem is a message of “failed transmitter” or a message that says “signal problem” and it lasts for more than 30 minutes.

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@Kels_eh Best version would be the latest nightly.

Did you double check everything? Bluetooth on, WiFi on, Location on?
Is the new transmitter code entered?

It’s usually something simple.

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Yes I tried all the above. After I installed the original xdrip it finally connected. I redownloading around 10pm and it was getting readings at midnight. This morning the readings are hit and miss on the Samsung device and or the ssw3. It is so weird. We were working flawlessly for the past month.

I had deleted xdrip to attempt a sensor reset. The video I saw used the dexcom app to do the rest so I delete xdrip. The restart sensor did not work so I tried to go back to xdrip and since there nothing but errors

Did you remove the sensor for 20-30 minutes? The newer G6 transmitters require the sensor to be removed to get it to restart existing sensor, after putting it back on transmitter.