Workaround for downtime on G6 sensor swap?

Has anyone got a methodology for doing a Dexcom G6 sensor swap to eliminate the downtime? Possibly utilizing the G6 receiver and the phone simultaneously?

Here’s a link about ways to restart the G6, the first of which allows you to skip the 2-hour warm-up

And here’s a thread where we’ve talked about it :wink:

I’m not sure if it would work well with a fresh sensor if that’s what you’re trying to do, but we’ve got a thread about that as well, although I don’t think it was with the G6


Thanks. I was intending to do a fresh sensor swap on the G6. I am guessing I could start a fresh sensor on the G6 Receiver and put it out of range during the warm up period while continuing to get readings on the old sensor from my phone. Of course then once my wait time is up and I activate my Receiver with the fresh sensor then I may need to jump a hoop or two to sync my phone to the fresh sensor.

I never have to miss more than two or three readings. With my watch as the receiver and xDrip+ on my phone it is a most seamless. The watch gives me 1-3 wildly weird readings when I change sensors but then kicks right in.

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