With Pebble losing support, what are the options?

I know this has been discussed in numerous threads at some level, but now that we know Fitbit is no longer going to support Pebble (as of June), I’m wondering what the “next best option” is for those wanting to transition into Nightscout/xDrip+? I had intended to begin this again in the very near future, but I don’t want to get this set up on Pebble if it’s just going to last a couple of months.

Are there any other reasonably priced watches that are still supported (and will be into the forseeable future), for tracking real-time BG’s? (In our case, only 1 watchface for 1 BG is necessary.)

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@ClaudnDaye It depends on if you want the watch to serve as the collector (receiver) or if you just want it to be a display of what’s being received by the phone.

If you want the watch to be a collector, out of the box your only option is the Sony Smart Watch 3. Problem is they don’t make it anymore and the supply of new ones is dwindling. But you can still find them reasonably priced on Amazon or eBay.

There are other Android watches that will work as the collector, but their ROM needs to be flashed in order to get them to work. Here’s the models and instructions if you are interested.

If you just want the watch as a display there are many choices, from Android Wear 1.5, 2.0, Samsung Gear, and other manufacturers.

I know size is a big consideration for you (Liam). One of the advantages of the Sony Smart Watch 3 is that it can be popped out of the watchband and just be placed in a pocket that can remain closed. If used this way as a receiver he would still need a phone to upload data so that you could view it remotely.

A better idea might be a Jelly phone, which is not much bigger than a watch, would be easier to set up, and could act as a receiver and uploader.

Let me know what you have in mind and how you would like it to operate and we can discuss configurations.

Definitely the collector. We want Liam’s BG’s to be independent of our phones, so having his own receiver is what we really want to move toward. We want a Pebble-like watch (may have to find a smaller watch band). We’re really pushing toward this now because the transmitter issues we had for this most recent order has caused a 4 day gap where has has NO CGM at all…so I’ve had to finger stick every couple hours since yesterday at lunch time.

We don’t want to go through this everytime we’re coming up on the end of the 180-day period (transmitter ordering time), so Nightscout/xDrip+ are really the only way to get around this dead battery issue that happens on the G5 receiver.

Ouch! Sorry Liam had to get stuck so many times. He’s a real trooper!

You have three choices at this point.

  1. Sony Smart Watch 3. It’s a fairly large watch, and there really are no child sized watchbands available for it, AFIK.
  2. If you are technically inclined and willing to take the risk of bricking hardware, use one of the watches on the link I posted and follow the ROM flash instructions to allow it to work as a receiver.
  3. The Jelly Mini phone.

Remember, with the first two choices you will have to keep a phone as the uploader in Bluetooth range all the time.

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