Libre + Blucon/Nightrider + Pebble watch

I’m new here on fudiabetes (just registered). I’m not a native English speaker, so excuse any mistakes.
I am a Freestyle Libre user.
I lately discovered the Nightrider. I would get one in March.
I would like to use it with a smartwatch, one of Pebble’s to be exact - the long battery life is crucial for me (+ it’s lighter in weight and has better water proofing than AW and Apple smartwatches). I had the pebble 2 HR in mind.
I was wondering whether anyone here uses this combination?
Does it work?


Welcome to FUD @Vic !

Probably the best way to accomplish the Libre to Pebble combination is with xDrip+, an open source Android app.

I personally use the Dexcom G5 with a Sony SW3, and I really don’t know very much about the Pebble. But I do know that the developer of xDrip+ uses a Pebble watch.

I think that one of our members, @jroth , is currently using the Libre with Nightrider and xDrip+. Hopefully he will chime in.


Thank you @docslotnick.
From your response I understand that it is indeed possible, and that Pebble does have a
xDrip+ watchface that will display the data from Nightrider.
Happy to hear that… it means I will soon likely to be able to have a near-CGM readings without the costs of G5 (too expensive for me).
@jroth, if you read this, do you know if this would work with a Pebble 2? (I understand there are a few OS versions, and I’d like to make sure it is supported by the last Pebble, before I buy one).
And one more question - would this work without the phone near by or without Wifi? Does your nightrider send the data directly to your Pebble watch (say, when you jog outside)?
Thanks again.

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Hi @Vic,
where are you from? I’m from Hannover, Germany and also not a native speaker.

Please have a look to xDrip here:

xDrip supports only Android Wear with a collector service at the watch, if the phone is out of range.
I never tested this.

With pebble, you need the phone in Bluetooth range. No need of WLAN.

I had the pebble steel (first generation) and I still have the pebble time steel (second generation).
Some users also use the pebble round.
The watchface works at this all.

I programmed the down key at the pebble with xdrip alarm snooze. Also very useful.



@Vic I used a Pebble 2 with xdrip+ for display of the readings. It worked great.

The Pebble 2 only does display and alarms and is not a collector (you still need your phone).

I now use a Dexcom G5. I use the Sony SW3 watch because the watch can be the collector for the G5. I can now leave my phone at home when playing sports.



Hi @Vic, are you an Android user, or an iPhone user? If Android, than look at xDrip+ as mentioned above. If iPhone, you may take a look at: iosxdripreader, GitHub - JohanDegraeve/iosxdripreader: xdrip/xbridge reader for iOS devices, and ask questions there (I am not using Libre or Blucon or any of the xdrip apps, so I am unable to provide further details).

By the way, Pebble is out of business, and I’ve heard rumors that Pebble app may no longer be available or operational beyond mid-2018 or so. In other words, Pebble is probably not a longer term solution. That’s too bad, since in my opinion Pebbles have been by far the best watches available for real-time bg monitoring.

Thanks everyone for your swift replies.
I am from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Hardware-wise, here we get a mix of EU and US versions of AW smartwatches (apparently they come with different hardware for different markets).
I have an android phone (GS7).
I will be getting an AW smartwatch anyway, AW + Pebble.
The reason is because Nightrider is not waterproof, thus, the Pebble would be useless when I engage in water activities (or shower). In these situations I would need a AW with NFC + Glimp app to read the Libre directly.
Now that I know that AW can also be a collector - I would also use it when I jog (Pebble would be useful during most of the day, i.e. working/office hours and sleep tracking).
Has anyone tried the Glimp app with the Libre?
I am considering Sony SW3 AW1.0 or the Huawei Watch 2 AW2.0 to use with Glimp.
I understand that SW3 has to be hacked (I am not savvy in these sort of things, but I can get a technician to do it for me), and that AW2.0 might be NFC-enables out of the box.
Has anyone tried Glimp with an AW other than SW3?
(Huawei watch 2 seems to strike a perfect balance - xDrip collecting data straight from Nightrider + Glimp reading glucose straight from the Libre sensor in water related activities… longer battery life than other AW, and it looks very nice imho :).
BTW, I know Pebble is out of business, but if I get a watch that is working fine with the latest version they did publish, it should continue working for years to come, doesn’t it?
Thanks again everyone.

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Not clear what is going to happen, see Fitbit will end support for Pebble smartwatches in June. If you get a pebble, make sure you install whatever watchfaces you want while the pebble app store is still working, and hope that the already installed pebble app will continue to operate on iOS and Android for some time - that’s my plan.

@dm61, Thanks. I’ll do just that, install all I can get before June, and hope for the best.
@Aaron, does the collection by AW/SW3 drain the battery much faster than if the phone would be the collector?

@Aaron, one more question - Do you know whether the SW3 can act as a collector with the special build that supports NFC for Glimp?

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@Vic - I get a full day out of the Sony SW3 battery using it as a collector. I get up in the morning and put my watch on fully charged and I go to bed with charge remaining. I think the SW3 battery drains faster using it as a collector, but since I get a full day out of it I do not really notice.

Right now I have used the watch for about 6 hours today and it is at 84% charge remaining.

I use the G5 OB1 collector so it may be more or less efficient than the bluecon connector. The new G5 OB1 collector seems to use a lot less battery than the old G5 collector, but I still got a full day wear out of it.

@jroth uses xdript+ and bluecon and Sony SW3 so maybe he can give you a better answer.

I have seen on the internet that people have used the SW3 with NFC for glimp but have no experience.

Here is something from the Glimp user manual:

Sony Smartwatch 3
Minimum requirements of Glimp for smartwatch app are:

Android Wear operating system;
NFC chip present in the smartwatch;
NFC chip accessibile to third party apps.
At present day unfortunately only smartwatch compatible with previous requirements is Sony Smartwatch 3, modified as descrive at following link:


I tested the modofied ssw3 with glimp.
It works fine. The nfc antenna is direct under the display.
Now I sold my ssw3 because I didn’t loke the charging by a small usb connection and the akku drains I a day.
Before I got the blucon I used the ssw3 as collector on the libre.

Now I have a peple as normal smartwatch for displaying bg. My second smartwatch also only for displaying the bg, is a asus zenwatch 3.

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Thanks guys.
Anyone knows someone with a Huawei watch 2 LTE version?
I sent an email to the Glimp support team, to inquire about the NFC, and they told me that at the moment there are only 3 watches that can potentially support NFC swipe with Glimp:

  1. Sony SW3 - Has to be hacked to enable 3rd party NFC capablities. And the usb charging rubber seal is just asking for trouble (waterproof issues).
  2. LG Urban 2nd edition AW2.0 - It’s 3rd-party-NFC-enabled out of the box. However, I hate how it looks and feels. Especially the fact the antennas are in the strap (bad design).
  3. Huawei Watch 2 - One version apparently supports 3rd party NFC capablities, and the other one doesn’t. The version that the guys in Italy tested is the non-LTE version (that’s the only version that is sold in Italy… and in Israel) and it didn’t support/work. They did mentioned that they got a feedback from a US user that reported success, however, he didn’t mention which version of the Huawei2 he used. I suspect it is the LTE version of the watch.
    They Italian guys said that NFC is a generic name for different hardware and protocols, and the watch’s hardware and software(OS) must match Libre’s protocol.
    I am trying to find a person with Huawei watch 2 LTE version that would just swipe his watch against a Libre sensor (no need for Glimp), just to see if the watch responds to the signal. Can’t find anyone like that here in Israel.
    I hear Libre has been lately/just approved by the FDA (good on you, Americans :slight_smile: )
    If one of you guys in the States know anyone with this watch, maybe he would be willing to try… this watch looks promising for using the Libre in water and during outdoor sports (without the phone).
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What OS and version of xdrip+ are you using?
I just tried with xDrip-plus-20180122-d8e7097.apk, however I cannot get any data once connected on bluetooth…

I connect (and enter my Blucon pin) then it tries to collect data, but it just stays like this for hours. No data is ever received…

Any tips for getting this setup?

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I am using a Dexcom G5 and not Bluecon so I may not be able to answer your questions. @jroth may be able to help.

I am running Android 6.0.1 on a Samsung Galaxy S5. xdrip+ Version d8e7097-2018.01.22. I use the beta update release.

The screen you see is telling me that you are not getting any readings from the bluecon. If you click the menu (hamburger) on the top left and go to “System Status” and swipe left to get the bluecon Status screen that would be a good place to look.

My general tips would be to make sure you have the “Hardware Data Source” set correctly for bluecon and re-boot your phone / reboot bluecon if you have not done so.

There is a xdrip+ facebook page where you can also get help. (more than I can offer).

  1. Blucon must be bonded by using xDrip Bluetooth Scan. Don’t use the system Bluetooth Scan.
    This will be enabbed after you have selected libre Bluetooth as datasource.
    For the initial binding, you should also enable gps.

  2. It needs some time up to 20 min) to get bg values.

  3. if you still have trouble, please send Screenshots of the status pages. (Classic and BT device)

Hope this will help you.

PS: Did you activated and started the sensor?


UPDATE: I was able to get it connected.

To help others, here is what I did…

I had it bonded correctly using the xDrip Bluetooth scan. It showed as connected.
I did not have GPS enabled.
Re-enabled GPS/Location services.
Disconnected all other Bluetooth devices.
Re-installing xDrip+ then restarted the phone.
Restarted the Blucon Nightrider device while directly over the Libre sensor.
initialized xDrip+

I received the same issue with the timing of data collection (a few hours). however once I restarted the Blucon Nightrider device once or twice while attempting to connect (reset pin > red LED flash), xDrip finnally started receiving data. YAY!

And since it has been OK.

I have received a few timeouts where no data is received, however to resolve, I reset the Blucon and subsequently scan and refresh the on the “Bluetooth Scan” setting page.

Phone ZTE Z597; Android 6.0.1 Marshmellow + Pebble 2


Great news, congrats!

Are you getting 100% of the pings from the transmitter?

Hi Everyone!

Update on my issue… I inserted a new libre sensor, reconnected the blukon sensor to xdrip and didn’t have an issue for 6 days, however the bridge battery ran low last night and I lost connection .

After replacing the blukon battery I ran into the same pairing issue. Replicaing steps above didnt seem to work, so I dug a little bit into the error logs.

While Blucon was connected & bonded to Xdrip, I kept on seeing these errors:
Stale data so requesting backfill

and ocassionally this:
Got NACK on cmd=010d0900 with error=0009

So I assumed the blucon needed to start getting readings, I was manually priming readings with my Libre reader for a few minutes, then I tried restarting the Datacollector (From System status page).

After restarting the collector a few times I finally got a hit in the eventlogs:

And the data collector screen updated to reflect it had received 2 of 3 readings waiting 51 seconds for next calibration (or something like that) and it had 3 check boxes clicked off. I waited a few more minutes… Voila! data was coming in!

This whole setup is still a bit finicky but still worth it IMHO.



Diabetes is an ailment that takes the liberty of eating your favorite pudding away from you. I am also a victim of this ailment, and the justice was done with me by the Nightrider BluCon. The device helps me keep a check on my glucose level so that I can enjoy my favorite pudding whenever the readings are within the highly safe target zone.

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