What tracking app do you use and why do you like it?

Tracking app? Suggestions please!


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@mattie Do you use a CGM? If so, you may want to limit your search to ones that can display the CGM track.

The only ones that can do that real time are xDrip+ for Android and Spike for iOS. Others that are retrospective include PredictBGL.

If you don’t use a CGM then diabetes:m is as complete an app as you’ll find. It’s for Android.

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@mattie, I use MySugr. I really like it because I can track and tag almost anything. You can also bring in your Dexcom data (if you use Dex), and see it against all the other info. What I like the most is that you can search or export the data. I often search the last time I ate something so that I can see how I bolused and adjust if necessary. It is really easy to enter the data - I mostly enter Carbs, insulin, a description of what I ate (you can take pictures also), my BG if I use my meter, and a note if I did anything special (like extend my bolus). It’s the one place that I can tie everything together.


Thanks so much! I’ll check it out!



I use this one, on Android:. https://www.diabetes-m.com It is on both apple and Android app stores. There is a free and paid version. I’ve used the free (ad supported version) for several years now.

I use MDI without CGM, so I really appreciate the insulin on board ( IOB )calculation, which tracks bolus doses based on theoretical insulin action curves (you need to pick duration of typical action in the settings).

It also keeps varies charts and graphs, and has a website where your data is backed up in the cloud. You can share data and reports, etc with your doctor and or family as well with the website.

It is supposed to link up to a number of different meters and I believe a few CGM devices. I think this comes with the paid version though.


Thank you very much for the information. I’ll definitely check it out. I’m swimming in numbers over here!

Just an update,

My latest A1C is 5.4, (due to you folks here, mostly) and the aforementioned app reports an estimated A1C of 5.5, not too bad. I am testing 8 to 10x daily and I’ve used the app for a few years, so it’s got a fair amount of data points to work with.

Since I don’t use a CGM or pump, an app like this helps me a bunch.


Every since I started using the Freestyle Libre sensors, Diabetes:M has become my go to diabetes app, after years of being a diehard Ontrak user. In fact, I upgraded to their premium subscription in less than two weeks. Although Glimp, by and large, is considered the app of choice for many Libre sensor users, I find the added features of DB:M vs Glimp to be a big plus.
My only major complaint is that it can only handle two insulin duration types, and the developers have the attitude that this is entirely adequate.
With the proliferation of so many types of insulin available nowadays, with a wide range of onset and duration profiles, I find this attitude incomprehensible.
I’ve done enough software development to know that, if the app can already handle two types, adding the ability to handle 3,4, or even a half dozen, shouldn’t be all that hard to implement.

And one minor complaint:
The linear graphing function in Glimp is far superior to Db:M