Food Log app?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a food log for my Android phone. I am using the Memo app but it sucks.

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Fat Secret is ok.


MyFitnessPal let’s you track food.

  • You can see nutrient macros - like %'s of carbs, fat, and protein.
  • You can put in a daily target for calories and it tells you how many calories you have left for the day.
  • If you want to lose weight, it can help you with a goal. It gives you a target calorie number and tells you how many are left each day.
  • And you can put in an amount of exercise and calories you burned in exercise.
  • It has a “favorites”, so it there is something you eat a lot, entering it is easy.
  • It also tracks the time of your food

The free version is missing a lot of features. Maybe try the free version first and see if it looks like what you want. If you decide to use it, the premium version really is the way to go.

Also, keep in mind, MyFitnessPal is just a food/dieting/exercise app. There is nothing specific for diabetes in it. But I think it is better than the Memo app for food.

BTW, I don’t use it anymore. I just used it for a few weeks when I was doing a project.


I use My Macros+ and cannot recommend it enough. Many of the food apps have a very very annoying push to turn you into a subscription user. My Macros+ doesn’t do this and it tracks the foods you eat and makes them available to view the list of what you eat regularly rather than a huge list.


Is My Macros + free?

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It was a while ago, I think it cost $2 or $3. They do have a pro level, but they don’t aggressively push you to sign up. Only problem is that it is IOS only, so they don’t have an Android offering.


Ohhh…only for the cool kids with iPhone,LOL.

I was happy with Carb Manager. However, it seems like they’ve made some changes that seems less user friendly, at least to me anyway.


We used to use Lose It, and it worked really well, until they got super pushy about subscribing. That made the user experience suck so much, I found the “cool kids” My Macros+ solution.


I was using Carb Manager. Downloaded the iPhone version just before they changed versions, no auto-update function, finally realized I had to delete the old one and re-download. Fortunately, my data was still there for recipe’s etc, though some no longer actually led to the recipe. New version limited the carb data display of the old version and just wasn’t as “friendly” to use, even though it was the paid version of the program. Finding commercial foods was problematic because of all the “user contributions,” while some were helpful, most just got in the way, many were very inaccurate, and I’d often just give up trying to find the “right” one. Finally had enough of the issues and switched to Lose It!

Lose It! Seem more user friendly in some ways, not in others. Example: recipe/meal display gives total carbs but limits visibility of component contributions without going to edit mode…limits deciding what you could swap out of meal to lower the carb count. Searching for foods seems MUCH faster and easier, still have trouble finding some foods. Creating recipes seems like a cumbersome and almost intentionally “hidden” function, vice front an center on an intuitive screen.

Haven’t tried My Macros+. I’d love to find something that is more purpose built for carbs, vice Keto (are there really that many keto dieters more than diabetics?). Even more so would love to find an app purpose built for diabetics, tie in projected carbs for dosing insulin (MDI or pump), compatible/sharing data with CGMs/pumps, etc. The search for the Holy Grail continues…



I am only interested in the carbohydrate content of my foods. I eat a balanced diet and don’t think that I have to track the other factors such as protein, fats, calories…etc. I looked at Lose It quickly. It seems focused on calories. Is it possible to view only carbs?

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Like you, I am only interested in when and what I ate and the carbs for the meal. I am experimenting with Google Sheets.

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Not to be a MyMacros+ shill, but they do have a nice feature which allows you to enter a recipe you have entered, either as a single entry or as ingrediants. It does NOT do well with the commercial foods unless you have entered them. Another annoyance is that some ingrediant entries are in grams and others in ounces, and yet others in portions, so it isn’t the easiest to use. But it does put carbs front and center. I think the main users are body builders who focus on carbs even more relentlessly than many diabetics.

At the risk of repetition, I saw a post from Michel (co-founder) about MyNetDiary back in 2017 and looked it up (haven’t used…yet, but intend to). Perhaps Michel could expand on his comments here.

Its named Diabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary, a diabetes version of their other products. It’s a paid app at $10/month or $60/year. Uses Apple Health on iPhone/ipad and ties in with Dexcom (other CGMs too) via that data source. Focus is supposed to be on carbs, though it tracks other macros. Allows meal pics, scanning food items, states all food items are curated for accuracy (therefore less claimed database items), tracks BGs and various ranges, prompts for inputs, charts various data with export capability, etc.

Seems like what I’ve been looking for and may give it a try. My wife (and I!) would appreciate if I’d settle on one program; we’re both tired of re-inputting recipes and figuring out the various displays/processes. (Wouldn’t it be great if there were only three to pick from? But then, where’s the innovation?!)


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@Michel, do you guys still use Diabetes Tracker?

Ok, I’ve DL’d the diabetes version of MyNetDiary. Haven’t figured out how to get the Dexcom data into the app, only how to put in BG data manually. Will have to tinker some more unless @Michel is using and can provide some guidance, alternately will contact support and see what happens. Have to admit the food database is much more accurate. Creating recipes is there, not intuitively placed as you’d think they’d make the function (Coupling: “How hard is front and center?!”). Will have to make some recommendations on placement of selections.

Have promised the wife this is the last app to try unless something shows up and just rocks people’s worlds!