MDI tracking insulin usage

Hi All,

What do you use to keep track of your insulin dosage if on MDI? Do you use an app? I currently just log it into my phone under memo. It’s probably only important when I attend one of those functions where I eat more than the customary meal and need to modify insulin to match the carbs. I have terrible memory recall.

Thanks in advance.

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My wife, T1D son and I try to share all his diabetic info. We found an app called MyNetDiary that has a for-pay Diabetes option, which costs, I think, $60/ year (the app itself is free). The app itself is like MyFitnessPal, and gives you food composition etc. for any food you log. The Diabetes option allows you to log BG, insulin, and other special metrics.

My son logs everything he does on MyNetDiary. So we can have a look at the data any time. It works very well with one exception: it does not always sync the last entry you do in a timely manner to the server. Sometimes you have to close the app and reopen it to force the server to get the latest info.


I use xDrip+. Always on my phone and on my wrist. Can enter all data and notes and it gives me fairly active predictions.

I can do what-ifs with carbs and insulin. I’ve tweaked it with differing IC ratios for different times of day so it’s getting spooky accurate in prediction.

It’s what Dexcom should be, but is not because of legal and fda restraints.

Funny, my wife just texted me asking if I treated the low I just had. She had all the same data I have in real time remotely via Drip+

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I was using SugarLog, a free app, which calculates average blood sugar over a variety of different time spans. It also shows a graph. I now am using the OneDrop App as I decided to subscribe to save money on strips. I test a lot, so the unlimited strips was a selling point for me.

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I am so glad you posted this!

Tracking dosages with MDI is the worst part about it. I do a lot of injections, so entering things on my phone every time would be an annoying chore. So I don’t do it!

I talked to these guys today, Companion Medical
InPen - Companion Medical

They are working on an insulin pen and phone app that AUTOMATICALLY records bolusing information on your phone. Every dose automatically recorded and reviewable.

The phone app and pen are synched. It automatically pulls the info from the pen - dosage amount and time of dose! If the phone and pen are not together, it will save it and upload it later, so no information is lost.

Sounds great. Check them out!

The guy I talked to today said they expect availability by the end of the year. They are going through the FDA process now. The pen price is still not available, hopefully it won’t cost too much.

This is exactly what I have been hoping for. I think this will be a big seller

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I really like Diabetes:M,, it has a food database and tracks insulin on board for different types of insulins, and tons of reports. Android and now iPhone.


Tracking dosages with MDI is the worst part! I don’t mind the injections, it’s when did I last do it and how much?
I’ll look into them.

I would like the Freestyle Libre in the US too.

I’ve got a really small spiral notebook, always in my pocket with a tiny pencil in the spiral part. It really helps me to write it down, especially meal bolus. I also punch it in to the Dexcom app on my phone (I use Dexcom G5).


Into my CGM, also a small notebook when I am trying to solve a problem or thinking about adjusting TDD.


Into my Dexcom app. I really wish they’d upgrade the app and add more functionality to input what type of insulin. It just lets you add a number. Really Dexcom? REALLY?


Glooko allows multiple insulin types. It’s a $59/yr. subscription. I don’t use it anymore because Dexcom G5 data can’t be downloaded into it on Android, like you could with the G4. It works through Apple heath on the iPhone

Although insulin type is not definable in xDrip+ it is a feature rich app that puts the Dexcom app to shame. It’s Android based though.

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This :point_up_2:- I just shared this exact feedback with Dexcom this afternoon!



I quickly read the reviews for Diabetes:M. One review mentioned the app freezing up. Have you, @kenrick, experienced the app freezing? maybe it’s a phone that’s not sufficiently powerful to run the app?

No freezing here! I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Coincidentally, I was also using mySugr and noticed it started freezing up…

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Hello, @Michel - I was wondering how you’re liking MyNetDiary for tracking. We touched base about this for a second, and I’m curious if you’ve got thoughts about it in the subsequent months since this post?

@EricH and I are looking for some sort of tracking app, until we can rely on The Force being with us. In the meantime, data might be helpful. Or at least make me feel somewhat useful. :wink:


This post is from March 2017 ( I am a bit behind the times). Nevertheless, such a great topic. I would like to explore the prediction a little more. I’ll try to bring it up in the thread, X Drip benefits, features (I have gazillion questions)